What Would You Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

I am not sure the answer to that question in the scope of my entire life. I do know the answer to that question as it relates to starting my own business. Ready Set Go is brand spanking new and much like you felt when you started your own business, it is scary. What if I fail? 

Well, that is a good question. What if I fail? In this case, I certainly hope I don't fail. There is always a chance I will, but my hope is suited towards not failing. Can I rest alone on hope? Nope. Not at all. Hope is not enough. 

Wanting is not enough. 

You must be willing to do. I went to a bookstore yesterday with my family. I was directed to the management section by my oldest son while he went off to find the books he wanted. I love books and learning. He knows this because he is much like me. He believes that if you have a plan you will succeed. Even if the result is not the anticipated goal. He is a mere 23 years old. He has an old and wise soul. 

I found a book that is already helping me. It is a book on Why People Fail by Simon Reynolds. Simon holds that there are 16 obstacles to success and you can overcome them. With his book. His book is already successful as I chose it over all the other books in that section spewing forth volumes of positive statements and encouragement. 

I am a person who loves to be encouraged and to encourage. However, I am also a person who has to know WHY? Why will it work? Why won't it work? What do I have to do differently to make it work? And what would I do if I knew I could not fail?

So, my answer today is simple. I will start my own virtual assistant company. I will improve the service and offer a unique approach to the service from virtual assistants. I will see the process a bit clearer than the others who have tried and failed to keep both clients and their virtual assistants. 

I will pay quality independent contractors a wage worth their skills and knowledge. I will provide incentives to work as a team to find, keep, and build our client base. 

I have no fear that I can do this. Why? Because I have seen too many work at home individuals scrambling for peanuts due to someone else looking for more of a profit. While we are a for profit company, our philosophy is based on a non-profit company. We want to invest back into the company. The heart of this company is not the newest hardware or software. It is the men and women who work with us for our clients. I refused to be one of those companies who expect their independent workers to be happy with a rat race to get the only available jobs/tasks/projects worth $2.75. 

I know I can succeed on this goal. I will not fail. Why? Because I have been there. Those jobs are a joke and the individuals scrambling to do those jobs are looking to supplement other jobs, be able to afford to take care of their children, and pay their bills. Do you know how many tasks it takes to pay an electric bill if you are only able to get 3-5 tasks a day at $2.75? Or if you are even able to get 3-5 tasks a day.

You may ask yourself if our fees are too much for you to pay for a virtual assistant. I ask you these questions...do you want to pay someone, anyone to do tasks they are not skilled to do? Do you have the time and energy it takes to hire multiple people to perform all the tasks you need done each day, week, month, year? Do you have the money to pay considerably more than what we charge and still have to train and fill in when your employee has to take time off?

I bet you are thinking no, actually I don't. 

I am sure you can see where the first step comes into play... admitting you don't have the time, talent, or resources to do everything. 

The first way people fail is to have an unclear purpose..."Here's the truth about success: You don't have to be smarter than everyone else, or better looking, or more connected, or luckier to make it big in life. You just have to focus - really focus - on what you want and how you can get it." Simon Reynolds.

Ready Set Go's focus is providing top quality virtual solutions for your success. Your focus should be on what you do best - selling your products or services to your clients. 

Leave the rest to us. That is our focus.