Do You Sabotage Yourself with Destructive Thinking?

The power of positive thinking has shown to be a great influence in taking you from here to there on the road to success. It has also managed to make you wonder if those who are highly optimistic are a bit delusional. 

Well, in that sentence above... two examples, one of positive thinking and one of destructive thinking. 

If you are seeing the positive one because the word positive is in it, good for you. Bet you wondered what the destructive thinking sentence is. "Make you wonder if those who are highly optimistic are a bit delusional" is the one I am talking about. 

You see, I planted a bit of doubt in your mind that if you have a dream and you have a positive outlook on life you may be a bit delusional. In fact, some people have dreams in place but no ambition to move towards that dream as in making it a reality and therefore they do not bother to make concrete steps in moving forward with that dream. They lack the knowledge, tools, and ambition to follow through with the dreams to achieve goals, but that does not make positive thinking a form of delusion overall. 

I had a 'dream' to start my own virtual assistant company. I pondered it overnight and then talked to someone about this dream. I then started brainstorming my ideas into an outline. I asked a number of people to move into the roles necessary to see this venture take off. Some of the individuals were gung - ho right away and stayed that way. Some of the individuals were gung - ho in the beginning but their interest waned as the dream began to require work to make the dream a reality. Some, I am not sure where they are as they just drifted away. 

Now I can see that as a big bubble buster, but I don't. I look at it as the basis of this post today. Some people let destructive thinking get in the way of taking an idea and moving it towards reality. Fear gets in the way. Do I have the time and energy to commit to this project? Do I have the money (yet none was needed) to invest in this project? Do I have enough confidence in this venture to take the risks I need to take in order to make this successful? 

Those are great questions that can propel you into making a success of an idea or letting the idea fall to the wayside. 

Fear manifests itself in destructive thinking. Some people call themselves realists and others see them as a pessimist. What makes the person who is optimist or focused on positive thinking different from these others is the fact that they can see the potential for pitfalls but also see far enough ahead to see the manner in which one should adjust to the pitfalls to see their success happen. 

I know how scary it is to venture forth as a small business person. I know what it is like to rely on getting my own business up and going. Searching constantly for new clients. It is hard work. It is scary. It sucks at times. 

I have made good decisions and some that did not pan out as well. I have had a lot of fun and freedom while working my butt off... much like you I am sure. You have done the same things as I have. It was hard and it was worth it. 

I have had a number of very happy clients that I obtained myself and not though a company who found the clients and assigned them to me. 

I have had a few that were not happy with the results They could not let me know what exactly they were looking for or wanting the finished product to be and as a result their expectations were not met. Through discussion and adjustment of expectations and reality both of ours, those clients were satisfied. 

See, I can be an optimist and firmly based in reality. I am telling you in my second blog post on a new website for a new company I started that I have not had 100% happy clients. Yet, they left me happy in the end because I did not focus on the destructive thinking that normally takes place when someone is not happy with me and work I have done.

Yesterday on the website, I posted a number of my testimonials and client responses regarding work I have done. I am certain you can see that I have a lot of clients who appreciated my work. I am certain you can see that I have a great deal of experience in making a client happy. I am certain you can see that while these are all great and 'stuff', it is not enough to rest on what I accomplished yesterday. Instead I ask how I can go forward with Ready Set Go! and make today's clients and tomorrow's clients just as happy. 

I will do this just like you do. Do my best to keep from sabotaging myself. To keep my thoughts positive, to look forward with open eyes and mind, to adapt to changes in my situation, and to do all I can from letting destructive thoughts from ruining my success. 

If this is the attitude I am taking towards my business and my business is only here because of your business....

I am certain you can see that I am going to be your virtual solution to success.