How Much Business Have You Missed - Trying To Reach You

I just wrote an email template for leads we have called to let them know we called. Why is this significant? I called real estate agents. I called individuals who need to answer their phones in order to connect with a lead in order to move that lead to client status. 

We track who we call and the response. You would be amazed how many do not bother to call us back. We are calling folks in our own area code. You would think that they would be calling us like crazy to find out if we want to buy or sell a home. But no, we hear nothing back. 

This isn't a rant about them not wanting our services. This is about the sad fact that in today's economy, where every lead SHOULD be important, it is evident the leads are not. We do not leave a message when we call from the same area code as them and they do not wish to find out more about us. 

Here is the email template I send them. The message is very clear. If you are too busy to answer the call or at least call back later, then you need to do some major refocusing on your priorities. Ready Set Go can help. 

I just tried to call you, but couldn't get in contact. A study by Forbes magazine showed that up to 80% of callers who get voice mail simply hang up. I did. 

A lost lead is lost business. Our service can help change how you work by letting you take every call. Imagine what you could do with the additional business can capture for you. 

Give me a quick call and let's see if we can put together a plan to have all your calls answered by a live, professional person who can help grow your business. Here's a link to Ready Set Go Client Package. This includes a full list of pricing and services. 

Here's hoping you don't loose too much business when you fail to answer the phone or return a missed call.