Referrals and Testimonials

YES PLEASE... who are we kidding, we would love to have your referrals and testimonials. We would love to post your testimonial on our website to let the world know we have successfully leveraged your time so you can meet with your clients and do what you do best... SELL! If you would like to send us a testimonial we can use on our website, please send it to 

What about referrals??? How could we turn them down? LOL... We would love to have any referrals you want to send our way. We will treasure these leads. When the referral signs up for services and pays their first month's fees, we will credit you with 5 hours of services, no matter what package they choose. Seriously. These 5 hours must be used within the next full month. So if you send us a referral March 5th and they sign up and pay for their first month on March 10th, you have until April 30th to use those 5 hours. Those hours are yours to use as you see fit: a special project, additional calling, marketing, whatever you need. 

I am going to tell you a little secret... I have been a soccer mom for a few brief preschool seasons, a hockey mom for many years (my favorite mom/sport title), basketball mom, cross country mom and a Lacrosse mom (my second favorite mom/sport title)... If you refer three clients in one month and they all sign up and pay for their first month within that same calendar month - I will consider that a hat trick (hockey term).... and I will give you three (3) weeks free of your regular service hours. If you are a mini - marathon - that is 45 hours free in the next month, marathon - 75 hours free,  triathlon - 90 hours free during the next month. That means we will only charge you one week for the next month. You will have to sign back up the following month for your regular subscription rate. We will have to cancel your original subscription so you are not charged the full amount. A small technicality, but we can handle it just fine. 

Why are we offering so many hours free for three new clients? Because we know your reputation is on the line just as much as ours is. We are going to provide them an amazing service as you receive. But it is a risk to tell someone to pay $30 an hour for someone you cannot see. We get that and we appreciate you working hard on behalf of Ready Set Go! I absolutely love giving gifts... and this is a good one I think!

Are you thinking about signing up with Ready Set Go! and you think, hmm maybe if I sign up and while working on getting signed up, I talk 3 others to sign up... to take advantage of that hat trick offer... will that be allowed? 

Well, I do not see any qualifiers other than you have to be a client... You sign yourself up and bring three friends along... yes, you will get what is equal to three weeks of your regular service agreement. 

Aren't I afraid that you will just be a client for 2 months and then leave? Nope. Not at all. I know our quality of services will demonstrate how much you need us to leverage your time. I know our willingness to do your tasks as you need them done without finding so many ways to bill you for extra time will win you over. I know Ready Set Go! will assist you in levering your time to the extent that you have time to sell, bring on new clients, and rake in the money. You will see the value in Ready Set Go! in just a few short hours. 

I guarantee that statement. 

I will see you enjoying your hat trick!