Brrr... The Effects of Cold Calling - Even With Warm Leads

Let's face it, no one likes to do the calls necessary for their real estate business. According to Trulia - of the 160 agents who said they would make the calls, only about 50 actually did. Are you one of the 110 agents who does not make their calls? We can help you by reaching out to your leads. 

Of the 50 who did call, they make 6,264 calls, 72% were non-answers or non-working numbers. Only 28% of the calls were completed (1,774). Agents set only 19 appointments out of the 1,774 calls. That is one appointment per 93 answered calls. Or one appointment for every 330 dials. They were able to obtain 11 referrals, but it took an average of 161 calls to get that referral.  

Do you have time to work those leads now? Do you have time to make 6,264 calls to get 19 appointments? 

Ready Set Go Virtual Solutions makes those calls for you while you are engage with your current clients. We help you plan for 3-4 months in advance by working your leads now. We clean your database and nurture your leads. We market to your social media followers, assist with listings and closings and whatever you delegate to us. All while calling those 'cold' or 'warm' leads until they are hot... as in ready to buy or sell. 

Give me a quick call and let's see if we can put together a plan to Leverage Your Time. Leveraging Your Time - Google Docs.pdf

Here is a link to Ready Set Go Client Package. This includes a full list of pricing and services. 

Go ahead, give us your cold - warm leads and we can nurture them as you leverage your time to do what you do best - sell.