Fear - Of Failing or Of Succeeding

Fear - we all have fears... reasonable fears and unreasonable ones. It is the unreasonable fears that seem to take control of our life. That ruins our ability to think logically about what we have to do. What we need to do. 

We know that our fear is unreasonable even if we are unable to acknowledge our fear publicly. And when I say publicly, I mean to ourselves. Our fear is obvious to others but we choose to remain oblivious as to how our fear manifests in front  of others. 

"It is the first realization of the mindful human: Unless we are being chased by a deadly animal or deranged human, or face imminent physical harm like falling to our death, fear is just bad management of our mind." Brendon Burchard. 

I have worked with real estate agents closely for more than a year. I have been their cheerleader, the nagging voice in their ear, the organizer, their defender, and their scapegoat. Yes, you heard that right. I have been their scapegoat when they are unwilling to do the tasks they need to do. When the agents knew they needed to call, needed to update their database, when the knew they needed to simply say "I approve" so a product could go out. Yet, they refused. They fought me. They lied to me. They manipulated me. They had no idea that I knew all along that they were doing these behaviors due to fear. 

They were afraid to give up control. They were afraid to try something new from someone who knows about marketing, calling, databases, whatever the issue, than they did. They made a mistake and they needed to blame someone else so they would not appear wrong. Their behaviors stemming from fear were obvious to all but to them. 

They feared failure to such a degree they had no other option but to fail. More than their fear of failure was their fear of success. Yes, you heard that right. They fear success. What happens if they did succeed? They wanted success but feared success. They guaranteed their failure. 

As Brendon says - fear is just bad management of our mind. 

My role as a off - site assistant to real estate agents and other business owners is to assist them in leveraging their time. I allow them to plan for success and give them the tools to succeed. Do I promise certain dollar amounts on the road to success? Never. Do I promise other miracles that vary from participant to participant? Not at all. What I do promise is to provide my client the tools to leverage their time but taking away from them the tasks they hate to do, do not want to do, will not do... but need to do to succeed in business. 

We call leads when you don't want to do the calls. We clean up your database when you don't have time or desire to do this task. We market your business in a manner that will grow your business because you are engaging others. We do the smaller tasks that you should not spend time on but still need to do for success. 

We do all this and more... all you have to do is remove the fear - bad management of your mind. Free up your time to do what you need to do - grow your business.