Phone Work- inbound calling, sales calling, etc.

This is usually the easiest way to get started working at home and getting a regular pay check. There are many legit companies that hire callers to work from home. Some companies hire you as an employee and some hire you as a private contractor. That choice is yours, if you want to work as an employee or not. (I will write a future article on the difference)

In this area you can pretty much take your pick of what type of calling you would like to do. I’d have to say that inbound calling is probably easier to find and get hired than sales calling. There are other types of calling agents out there too, just be careful that you investigate fully to know that it is not a scam. The drawbacks to phone work can be the company or personal preferences, it just depends what you find and what you like.

·         Never pay a company to start working.

·         Research the company very well before you apply. Look up previously employee’s reviews, BBB ratings and complaints, etc.

·         Question what your investment in any supplies and equipment will be, some companies provide this some do not.

·         Find out their training policy. Do they train you? Is it paid training? Do they pay you less for training?

·         Understand the pay rates. Some companies pay hourly across the board, some pay lower hourly plus bonuses, some pay hourly with commissions, and some pay only commissions or set rate for appointments scheduled.

This can be a lucrative at home position. I did inbound calling for two companies as an employee. I enjoyed the work most of the time, the pay was decent. But if you are not used to working like this you can burn out quickly. You are tied to a headset with a cord, you have no socialization with people other than on the phone or a chat room. It is not flexible, usually you have a set schedule and shift.

 See the final segment of this series tomorrow morning...