Virtual Assistant with a Company

Prior to partnering in Ready Set Go! I had worked as a virtual assistant privately and for another company. Both were as a freelance, private contractor. There are pros and cons to both, private and a company. Dannie and I have taken our collective experience in this area and we feel that have and are creating a more positive environment for our project managers and callers to be great virtual assistants while enjoying their work and our clients. Happy workers make happy clients. So here is what we do and don’t do so that you can see what some other companies also do and don’t do that we have learned from.

·         We do not hire employees. You work from home as a private contracted VA. We have positions for sales callers, project managers and assistant team leaders. Everyone begins as a sales caller, until you bring 1 client on board. Then you can choose to take on that client’s project manager hours and/or stay as a sales caller.

·         Our compensation packages are good. We have options you can choose from when you start as a sales caller. If you choose to move to a project manager or assistant team leader,  we pay a decent hourly wage. Where else can sales callers choose 50% commission from day one?

·         We offer you all the tools you need, and support to succeed. We WANT you to have success. We WANT you to be happy and make our clients happy.

·         There are no tedious minute by minute time tracking payroll entries.

·         We set you up a company email, so that your personal one is not bombarded with business stuff. Also we do not communicate exclusively by email. All clients are setup with a Gmail account and we use Google Docs to complete all their work, notes and communications in real time. This allows the client and us to see exactly what is being worked on and what is completed. It reduces the administrative redundancy of 100 emails, notations here and there, sending completed projects by email and waiting for a response, it is just all around so much less hassle and time.

·         You bill for what you work. The client has a budget, allocated to certain projects that has been previously agreed on. No hours are carried over month by month. If you have 5 hours of calling for a client, you spend 5 hours doing their calling & notes, no more no less. You bill 5 hours for that client’s calling, done.

o   Billing is very easy, we use PayPal invoicing. You send your invoice for the month by the 1st of the new month, we pay you by the 5th. You can keep a running invoice in your PayPal account on an invoice so that you do not have to do it all on the last day of the month, unless you want to.

o   We do not nitpick your billing because we will already know if the work is getting done. You do not invoice for minute items, you invoice for each client the total hours, make a simple note of what it is for and you’re done.

·         You set your schedule. You commit to the number of hours per week you want to work and you work when you want to. The only exception to flexibility is calling, that has to be done between 8 am-8pm depending on the time zone. As a sales caller that means you can call from 8am-11pm est. because we have leads in all time zones. For client calling it may not be quite as flexible, but you still can set your schedule to certain days and hours within their time frame.

o   If you need to change your hours per week or take time off, you simply let us know so that we can cover your hours. We know things come up, kids get sick, families have issues. We have families too. If you commit to 20 hours/week but next week you need to take some time off, you let us know ahead and we will work it out. You are not an employee so we cannot ‘set’ your schedule.

·         We will not micromanage your work. We have checks and balances setup in our system and we will check to ensure that client work is getting completed, but we will not micromanage you. You are an adult, you are a private contractor, you are responsible to complete your work.

·         There is room for many different skills, you can find or choose to do what you enjoy. As previously stated, we want you to be happy. If there are tasks you do not enjoy, or skills you are not experienced in, you are not forced to do them. If you engage with us, bring in your first client and never want to do sales calling again, that is perfectly fine!

You can see that we have put much thought and sweat and even tears into Ready Set Go! We want quality people to engage to work with our clients. Which means we want people who have the skills and desire to offer our clients the services they need. We do have a very thorough engagement process, not long, but it helps weed out the people that would not last, or do not really want to do this kind of work. We are picky, because we have seen what kind of shoddy work has been and is being put out there for clients and we do not want that to ever come from our company.