What is it Really Like to Work From Home?

There are many people who have chosen to work from home, the reasons are as varied as the people themselves. No matter what your reason(s) are, if it works for you and your family then it is worthwhile.  Now maybe you have tried some at-home work and it was not so great. Or you are considering taking on some part time work from home to supplement your income, even to eventually replace it.

If you have never worked from home or you had a not so great experience with it, you may be wondering what is it really like to work from home. This doesn’t mean for some get rich scheme from late night television or the internet. I am talking a real job, real income using skills you have and/or learn as you go. Can you really have a real job, at home and make decent money to supplement or replace your current income?

As you would expect, I am going to use our company as an example through this article. Why?

1.       Because I believe in us and we believe in our people.

2.       We have worked at home and in brick and mortar companies so we have experience from many aspects. This has given us insight to make a positive environment for private contractors (freelancers) to work with us and our clients.

3.       We believe that we have taken the best from all of our years of experience to bring our clients the best in virtual services. And offer sales callers and project managers a real, positive opportunity to work from home with all the perks that brings, and earn a good income.  

I have pretty much tried it all when it comes to working from home. I have done appointment setting, inbound customer service, independent freelancing doing everything from professional resumes to product descriptions, independent MLM distributor for several companies, door to door sales, get rich schemes, house cleaning, REO trash-outs and property care, virtual assistant, etc. You name it I have most likely tried it. Yes, I made some money, I lost some money. My passion is to help people. So my purpose is to help even one person find a positive working environment that they enjoy and make a decent income.

Virtual assisting comes in many shapes and sizes. There is a myth of the “Super VA” that is simply that, a myth. No one person can do it all for a client. It takes a village so to speak. Everyone has unique skills, likes and dislikes. Every client has unique needs. There are no one size fits all in any business.

If you want to be a VA you either do it privately on your own, searching sites like Upwork and Odesk for projects. You could market yourself to private clients and not pay the fees for those sites. Or you can work for or with a company with a team of VAs. All those are viable options. My suggestion is that you find the option that helps you work smarter not harder. As a freelancer you do not have to limit yourself to one option, you can try any or all until you find what you like best.


See part 2 of this series tomorrow morning...