What a Virtual Project Manager Can Do For You & Why You Need One

Many small business owners, real estate agents and entrepreneurs believe that they have to ‘do it all’. Mostly this is due to business startup when they really did have to, and then down the road they don’t think they can afford help or just don’t want to spend the money for help. It could also be a fear of hiring employees, which is valid. On the flip side many small business owners just think they should or they want to do every detail involved in their company. This article will briefly show you the benefits of having help and why it is in your best interest to consider it.

How often do you:

·         Work 12-18 hour days?

·         Miss family time or events?

·         Take a vacation or even a day off?

Most small business owners work long days, 7 days a week and miss out on so much of life. Yes, the payoff seems to be positive if you get the business off and running, bringing in income. You tell yourself that you will work less and take more personal time then. But does “then” ever come? Or do you just get busier with more tasks as your company grows? Leveraging your time is an important skill for anyone, but especially for those who work for themselves. Learning to delegate the tasks that do not have to be completed by you personally is a tough lesson sometimes. But well worth learning as soon as possible.

This is where a hiring someone to help out comes in. It does not mean you have to hire an employee. Hiring your first employee is scary and a huge step. It is expensive and takes a lot of time to find the right person. Then there are the uncertainties of whether or not the person will be a good fit. Thinking about firing someone is scary, or having someone quit can leave you in a real bind. No matter what there is the cost of hiring and training on top of the cost of paying the employee. So if an employee does not work out you threw away a good chunk of cash. 

Hiring an off-site project manager, or virtual assistant, can remove many tasks from your plate so your time is free to do the tasks you love, the reason you started working for yourself. A freelance project manager is cost effective and is always beneficial to a successful business.

TOTAL Annual Labor Cost

Employee         $76,960.00

Project Manager     $16,800.00

Once you remove the fears of hiring an employee, and change the mindset of having to do it all yourself, what do you do with a project manager? Great question! You could start with a specific project that is a one-time item, or you could delegate any tasks that you would normally think about giving to a secretary or office administrative assistant.

Tasks to delegate:

·         Email management

·         Calling leads

·         Setting appointments

·         Social media marketing

·         Physical marketing

·         Design brochures and signage

·         Update listings

·         Clean up your database

·         Contact your past clients or your SOI

·         Create and send out a newsletter monthly

·         Schedule and setup open houses

·         Research trends in your field

·         Manage your calendar and appointments

·         Take property photos or find a photographer

·         Schedule vendors for properties- stagers, lockbox placement, etc.

·         Write blog articles and post

This is just a small list of tasks that can be delegated to a project manager. The tasks are nearly limitless, especially if you hire a virtual solutions company. This works by giving you a project manager who has a team of assistants with specialized skills in different areas. The project manager may still do the majority of your tasks, but if there is something that needs a different skill set like marketing or calling, it can be done by an assistant with those skills.

Knowing when to hire a project manager and shifting your mindset is the majority of the battle in learning work smarter not harder. Using the assessment linked above will help you see where your time is used and how you can better leverage it for the more important tasks at hand. If you have a very hard time with delegation and using your time wisely we also offer a Leveraging your time development series