Lifting the Fog on Which Path to Take

When you are faced with a tough decision, when you have several paths you can take, or when you are simply waiting for the fog to clear (hey, relating this with the fog this morning and the pictures I took of it, it was so pretty)... how do you know what path to take?

There are a number of things happening right now with me and my husband... options and opportunities, delays and hurry ups... testing the water and deciding the water is not what we want... (yeah, really heading into metaphors here... sorry)... but anyways, it got me thinking...

When you are surrounded by so many paths you can take... and you explore one and invest time, money, and effort... when do you decide to move on to explore another path?

If you decide to move on to explore another path, does that mean the first path is a failure or just not a fit?

If it means it is a failure, does it really matter?

If it means it is just not a fit, aren't you wise to move on?

To me, these are tough questions. They may not be to others and from what I know from listening to others... it is all too common.

Steve Jobs and other wise and successful people will tell you that to find your focus, you need to say no more than you say yes.

I agree with that statement... but I don't think it means that you say no before determining if that will work. I think you must embrace saying no at any point along the way.

We often (and by we I mean me too) feel that if we say yes to something, we have to stick it out. Yet, if it is not working out for whatever reason, is it good to stick it out for all concerned?

You are not always able to adequately gauge how something will work out when you begin pursuing a path. Sometimes, you have to alter the path to make it work for you... and sometimes you have to get off the path altogether.

Many wise and successful folks state that you must fail many times to enjoy that one big success.

With that said, failure is not an option comes to mind... when we look at the phrase - failure is not an option - do you think that you must succeed every time? Do you think that maybe, just maybe, the real failure is not having to alter your path or create a new path... but the real failure is not persisting and pursuing other paths to find your success - however you define it?

These are all things I think about... and things I hear from those I speak with and listen too... and they struggle with understanding what both success and failure means.

Life is full of paths to explore... but if we assume we have to take the correct path the first time... we miss out on the adventure, the exploration, the success and the tenacity that is inside of us that demands we not look at failure as failure but as a confirmation that this is not the path we were meant to take.

Just a few of my thoughts on this subject... but thinking about them and writing them out sure has brought clarity to my foggy morning...

Muah Dannie