Getting To Know Ready Set Go!

What is Ready Set Go and Who Am I?

Ready Set Go started as a virtual assistant company and began working with clients on how to effectively leverage their time. Everything I did as owner of Ready Set Go spoke about how my independent contractors and my clients needed to work on leveraging their time skills. I needed clients to know the benefits of delegating tasks to me and why they were struggling to do that very thing. They had no time and were struggling with having no time… and yet, they didn’t want to give up the bad behaviors and learn positive and rewarding behaviors in replacement to gain more time.


I am Dannie Frey, owner of Ready Set Go, corporate trainer, wellness presenter, trainer, training developer, business consultant, coach, mentor and accountability partner. Yes, that is a lot of titles, but I do it all under the banner of Ready Set Go. My goal is to get you as an individual and/or as a business owner Ready and Set to Go, however that may be and with whatever hat I must wear… or all of them as a few clients needed. I have worked previously in the mental health field as a social worker. My main tasks as an administrator included developing behavior and life plans for children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental illness diagnosis - often dual diagnoses. I hired, trained, and empowered my staff who worked directly with my clients.


My entire life I have worked with individuals with needs, whether physical, emotional, developmental, or psychological to provide them with the steps necessary to have a higher quality of life than they expected. My passion and my drive is to empower others to do more with the skills they have, develop skills they do not know they can possess, and make everyone more assertive in all aspects of their lives.


Leveraging Your Time looks at the steps and skills you need to take control of your time. But more importantly, it requires you to ask why do I do or not do what I need to do to leverage my time. When we know the why, we can build the skills to leverage our time effectively by removing those limiting beliefs and roadblocks our subconscious mind places in our way.


What can you expect from these groups?

You can expect some laughter, common sense, plain speaking, fast pace, deep and tough questions, and great insight into what makes you tick. You will receive practical tools that are easy to understand and easy to implement. You will look at the questions and think “I am not sure I want to write my answers down in front of others” only to look around and see others in the small group doing the same thing… should I or shouldn’t I? The answer is I should.

Everything that you will experience by answering these questions, I have already experienced myself. I have already struggled, and I have already overcome. I am still working on many of these skills as these skills require constant adherence to make your life easier.

What is with all these colors?

Besides being my logo colors… these colors matter a lot to how your brain reacts to them…

Green: Concentration - low wavelength colors promote restfulness and calm and they improve efficiency and focus.

Orange: Is a mood lifter - a welcoming and mood-lifting color for learners which in turns promotes comfort and improves neural functioning.

Blue: Feelin’ Blue Means Productive - Not Sad! Highly intellectual work, which requires a high cognitive load, are most productive in a blue environment.

So what are you going to sell me?

Absolutely nothing. This isn’t about trying to sell you something. You either want to learn how to leverage your time or you don’t. You either want to take care of these issues and build these skills or you don’t. I do have premium services I offer. Here is what you will find on the final page of the final worksheet for each component.

Ready Set Go offers several programs that go far deeper into these topics then this meetup group allows. Ready Set Go VIP day sessions (full or half day options) and All-In Accountability where we work on setting up your success plan. Each of these programs cover all 12 components dealing with Leveraging Your Time. Monthly Intensives work with you on a deeper level, with the topics and pace set by you. An overview of all programs below - more details upon request.

But wait, you said you won’t be selling me anything. I won’t. I will tell you in all honesty that the meetup groups I host is only the tip of the iceberg of what you will learn in the VIP day, Monthly Intensives and the All In Accountability programs. I am only giving the tiniest bit of information to get you started. There is much more you need to do to truly master those skills and fully leverage your time. When you feel the need to invest in yourself, to improve those areas covered in the 12 components of Leveraging Your Time, when you see the need to develop those skills and pass this knowledge on to your spouse, family, children, employees, coworkers, and friends through implementing in your life… then come talk to me.

There is no reason for me to try to sell you something you are not ready for or willing to invest in to improve your social and interpersonal skills that allow you to leverage your time, take control of your time so you can find success in all you do, however you define success.

When you are ready, after you see my tools I provide you, hear my confidence, my assertiveness, my focus, my passion and my drive as I connect with you where you need me to be for you… then you will ask me, how do I pay for your programs so I can finally take control of my life and my time.

I won’t have to sell to you. You will already be sold. Because I have provided you a demonstration of how what I know, what I learned, and how what I do works for me and works for you.

So, get Ready and Set to Go!