The Why Behind Your Struggle With Leveraging Your Time

The Why Behind Your Struggle With Leveraging Your Time - Audio -…/The%20Why%20Behind%20Your%20Strug…

The why behind Leveraging Your Time is a hard question to ask and even harder to find the answers. Why is it hard? Because we have to be honest with ourselves. We have to admit we are not so good at something and we want help to improve, if we want to improve.

In the Leveraging Your Time series, I ask participants - whether in workshops, Leveraging Your Time Hendersonville MeetUp Group, one-on-one sessions, online courses, and in speaking settings tough questions. These questions do not require an audible answer where the person has to tell me the answer... I just ask them to answer the question quietly or to write it down. I do not ask to see the written answer... but I have received a number of responses that were authentically answered and can see the surprise on their faces as they hear it come from their own mouths.

I have worked with clients in the mental health field and learned how to ask questions in a comfortable environment where they understand it is judgement free and open to honest answers.

I also learned how to ask questions that matter. Questions that allow the person to want to answer.

What I want from the Leveraging Your Time series and all the tools that I offer... is to provide multiple learning opportunities that appeal to a wide group of learning styles that allow you to explore the why behind your struggles with Leveraging Your Time.

I had someone on Twitter send me a direct message after reading a number of my tweets and blog posts... asking me how do they know what their why is? How do I know what my why really is?

That is a great question. I replied to them, what does your heart and mind disagree on the most?

They asked for more explanation of what I meant.

Here is my response...

When you think about your 'why' for your struggles of Leveraging Your Time, what does your heart say and what does your mind say? Do they agree? For example, if you struggle with being assertive and saying no... what does your heart say as to why you cannot be assertive or say no? What does you mind say as to why you cannot say no?

The response came back to me... I cannot be assertive because I was told that I was to be seen and not heard as a child. I still struggle with that obviously. I cannot say no because I was told that I was to obey adults. Obviously, I believe that I still have to obey adults even though I am an adult myself - 39 almost 40 years old.

That was the why behind their struggle. The next response was their understanding or AHA moment as to their real struggle.

I am afraid that if I say no or act assertively I will let people down. I think that is a heart answer. My brain knows that I have every right to do what I want to do (assertiveness) and say no if I don't want to do something (Saying no)... but I fear people not liking me because I don't do what they want me to do. My heart and mind both want to be assertive and say no, but my heart is fearful of being hurt or hurting others even though I know that is silly. They are adults, they can handle it. But I still struggle with that.

I responded simply - how do you feel now that you identified the why and the struggle you are dealing with about LYT?

Their response - liberated. But now I have so much work to do.

What is your why behind your struggle with Leveraging Your Time?

If you do not want to discuss it on here... I have a secret Leveraging Your Time group on Facebook that is an accountability group where you can share your struggles and work out your struggles, get support and track your growth, much like the twitter DM conversation above. Ask me if you are interested and I will add you to the group.

Are you Ready and Set to Go - Finding your "why"?