Building connections That Matter

Building connections that matter has been my success plan focus for the past two years. For me, this is important in a world of virtual and fly-by social media posts friendships. I have to look at what a connection means to me, what I need to do to build those connections, and how to develop those connections.... that matter.

It seems like an easy tasks to accomplish, I can talk to just about anyone at any time... lucky me huh? But to truly determine what connection matters to me... not so much.

I have been friends with some people for ages (yeah, high school was a long time ago)... I have made friends with others over the course of the years... and I have made connections with clients and associates.

Each of those connections changed from school mate to friend, from business associate to friend, from acquaintance to... you get the point I am sure... there are different levels of connections and for different purposes.

When looking at building connections for 'business' it is easy to focus solely on those connections and what they can do for you... it is harder to invest in yourself and that connection for other reasons... for personal reasons... for no benefit for yourself other than to get to know them and appreciate them.

Recently, I read a post on a 'friend's' Facebook feed that she had just felt the law of abundance raining down on her. Those are my words, my interpretation of what she wrote... I made a comment about how thrilled I was about her success and how I was so very happy for her and her success. Her response made me... well, it made me happy and a bit sad.

She thanked me for feeling happiness, true happiness for someone else's success.

I was happy she felt my happiness for her... but I also felt sadness because... well, few really feel happy for someone else when they have abundance raining down on them.

We often find ourselves jealous about other's success. Well, why not, we wonder why it happens to them and not to us. We look at what they did and try to find out how they were just handed something for nothing rather than working hard for all they do.

We build connections to get something instead of building connections to build them up.

Some recent events have happened that made me want to focus on a few things in this group. Along with my posts where I talk about leveraging your time, I am posting a different 'theme' each day of the week. It is my hope that it will 'build connections that matter' between me and the members of the group and between the members of the group.

Why is this important to me?

Well, more than just to find success... remember my success plan is about building connections that matter... this is important to me, because in a world of drive by social media and virtual relationships and the very busy lives we live... we are often feeling alone.

We feel that no one wants us to be successful... in business, life, relationships... that it is often us again the world... and it doesn't have to be that way.

We have the choice to build connections that matter. That choice begins anew each day. Each day we can choose to build connections that matter.

So, what do you choose? Do you choose to build connections that matter?

I do.

Join me.

It's easy.

Get Ready and Set to Go - Building Connections That Matter!