Building Authentic Connections That Matter

Have you ever wondered just how to build a connection that matters? I have. I have quite often... how do you move a potential lead or a network connection to something more?

Heck, how do you even determine what that something more is? Or how to get there?

Authenticity - the quality of being authentic - being genuine, being real, being yourself and not a copy of someone else.

Vulnerable - being real/authentic with someone leaves you vulnerable. But it also lets other put their guard down and be honest with you, vulnerable in the same manner with you.

Relatable - breaking 'it' down so others can identify with what you say or do. Sharing a story that tells others what you do better than your best marketing pitch.

Trustworthy - being seen by your words and actions to be honest and truthful.

Whether you are looking for a product or service, these are qualities you look for in the person 'selling' you something... but it is often the characteristics we look in people for friends.

Do you connect those two with people trying to sell you something and determining if they are friend worthy?

Many do and do not realize that is what they are doing. Is it a candidate for a friendship? Is it a potential for friendship? Is it necessary to share contact information with others you know if you feel like this person is 'friendworthy'?

Hey, there is nothing wrong with that... seriously, nothing at all. You do not have to be best friends with someone to network with them. However, it does matter when you introduce your friends to someone you network with... no one wants to set you up on a 'blind date' with someone they do not like or trust.

Building connections that matter is important to many people. As I mentioned before, humans are a very social creature. We crave socialization with others... some more than others... some on a larger basis... some on a smaller basis... some extrovertedly... some introvertedly... however it best works for you and me.

Building connections that matter is more than an instant 'liking' of someone... it takes work and it takes maintenance. I will venture into this topic more as it is what my success plan is focused on this year.

Since the beginning of this year, I have increased my facebook friends number by over 50 new friends. I enjoy learning about my old and new friends... I enjoy building those connections. Those connections that matter. What about you?

Get Ready and Set to Go - Building Connections That Matter!