Finding Your Passion - Like a Child does

Finding your passion - finding your purpose, have you ever wondered what you are here for?

Have you wandered around doing a number of things - jobs - activities trying to find your passion and/or purpose?

When you were a little child, did you find yourself just going with what made you feel the happiest?

When my oldest son Tony was in preschool he wanted to play soccer. We signed him up for soccer. He played in preschool and kindergarten. In first grade he wanted to play ice hockey. Where that idea came from, not sure, but I think it was mentioned at school. We looked into it and I became of hockey mom.

Andrew was just 2 and barely 3 years old that year. He came with us to watch Tony learn hockey skills. Tony was a natural on skates. Seriously, he could have been a figure skater he had that much natural grace on the blades. Andrew decided he wanted to play hockey too. He had just made the age allowed... he was a few months shy of 4... yep, my skinny little guy weighed less than all the equipment he had to wear. Okay, maybe he had 5 pounds on him more than the equipment... but he sweated and cried those pounds away in the first practices... Andrew had a bit of a struggle due to his age and size... Tony was three years older than him when he started... that makes a huge difference.

Tony and Andy were on the same teams and separate teams throughout their hockey careers - until we moved from Iowa to North Caroline when Tony was finishing 5th grade and Andrew 2nd grade. They had a passion for hockey. They were awesome... they had passion, they had joy in playing hockey.

North Carolina - Asheville in particular had an ice hockey program when we moved down in June of 2003 and cancelled it in the fall of 2003. Talk about disappointing. Tony learned about Lacrosse in 8th grade that was available in high school. Tony found another passion. Granted, it is similar in certain ways to hockey...

For one year, Tony and Andrew played together on the North Henderson High School team... Tony's senior year and Andrew's freshman year. They played with passion, joy, and I became a Lacrosse mom...

Andrew played all four years in high school as had Tony. Andrew suffered a pretty bad break in his collar bone... surgery, pins, and plates... but he went back to playing his junior and senior years.

When I had two little baby boys... I never dreamed they would play hockey or lacrosse. I never knew I would be interested in hockey or lacrosse as a young mom. But their passion became my passion during that time... I still love to go to a live hockey game... know some of the players on the boy's favorite teams... and watch a game or two every once in a while when the boys are home watching a game.

My passion for hockey and lacrosse is situational. The boy's passion was their's. They loved the games and they played with passion. Tony played Lacrosse for two years in college. Tony played inline hockey in high school a few times... his heart was not in the inline version, but that was all he had.

When I think about what my boys found passion for, these sports are just a few things... but I noticed that child will explore their passions with abandonment. As parents we want to share their passion by giving them opportunities and support... support in time, money, and encouragement.

Do we do the same for ourselves? Do we support our passions? Those things that make us giddy... yes, giddy. I mean seriously giddy with the desire to try it. Do we have the guts to support our passions as we do our children?

Do we as parents have the 'right' to support our passions while raising children?

I don't know the answer to that, but I have my opinion on that... If we show our children what our passions are... and our desire to make those passions a priority or a career... aren't we teaching our children that passion is needed throughout your life, and as we did when we were children, taking a risk and following our passion is what we need to do.

It may be one of the best lessons we teach our children. We can do what is our passion for our careers instead of finding a job we just do because we have to... we could be as we allow our children to be... allowed to find and follow their passions.

I was looking for some information on how to find your passion. I saw a number of things... lists and templates and assessments... and here is what I found...

There is no need to search for your passion. You already know what your passion is... you just have to give yourself permission to acknowledge and follow through on your passions already within you.

Dannie :)