Finding Your Focus Part 1

Feelings of overwhelm, panic, fear, exhaustion, confusion, and disappointment are a few of the emotions one experiences not in a moment of panic or emergency... but when their mind is cluttered and you are unable to focus.

How much time is wasted dealing with the same old words and behaviors that keep you from finding your focus?

If you had to write out your vision - as it will be in three years - writing it in the present tense... could you do it?

I was given the task to listen to a person's vision and repeat it back to them. I admit, I could not do it. Not as the instructions were stated. The person gave me random thoughts rather than a vision statement. The person gave me disjointed thoughts. I tried to repeat it as she was seeking to find confirmation on these thoughts and feelings as they come from her and then to move them into a plan of action going forward.

I was told I was wrong, even though these were thoughts and feelings they had... and this was an assignment about writing a vision statement today as if it came true in three years... and that was the perspective I was coming from... I was told that the thoughts and feelings expressed in HER vision statement were not things she struggled with and was not looking for those answers or patterns to fall into place in her life.

Well, I admit I was confused. I was stumped. I was amazed at how well she could do as instructed when repeating my vision statement as I... well... I followed the instructions.

This person later admitted that she is coming off of a bad time and is struggling to figure out where she wants to go. She was very positive about it... but her thoughts are all out there and very random. Through additional conversation I was able to help her find a narrower focus and through that I was at least able to 'figure out what she was talking about.'

During the additional conversation, it became apparent she is at the 'first thoughts' stage of finding your focus. She was not ready for the activity we were all doing, but it was an opportunity for her to begin the process.

First thoughts is where you begin to investigate a topic and then decide if you are going to elaborate on those thought or let them go...

If you begin searching for your focus on any topic or task, you are going to have a wide range of 'really, really good' ideas. You will also have a number of really, really good ideas you will never do. And you have a number of really, really good ideas that are not that good after all.

It is through this process of thinking of a number of possibilities you can try that you find the number of possibilities you won't try or that won't give you the results you want.

This process is important to complete and when you complete them, you have the paths and tasks ready to define when you are ready to proceed.

I will explain the paths and tasks more in a later post.

But here is a great technique to try when you are looking to find your focus on a task or thought...

Write one word that defines what you need to accomplish.

Let's take networking as an example...

Answer this question with a one word answer.

"What does networking mean to you?"

My answer - "Connections"

It is a great answer, and not just because I said it... but while it is a great answer, it is too BIG of an answer.

What does connections mean? How do you make connections? Where do you make connections? Will connections spontaneously happen?

What you need to do is elaborate your one word answer to narrow your focus down.

Even though that doesn't make sense immediately... think about it...

You started with one word. The one word answer is too big... so if you add more words, you make the answer larger and the focus narrower.

Connections was the one word...

Building connections is the first elaboration.

My focus is now narrower... I am going to focus on building connections.

Yet, building connections is too large of an area of focus... I am going to elaborate the answer a second time.

Building Connections That Matter.

Now my focus is narrower and I can begin to determine my paths and tasks to further find my focus.

Next post I will share with you how to do that very easy step…