Leveraging Your Time helps you feel guilt-free... no guilt... YAY!

Leveraging Your Time helps you feel guilt-free... no guilt... for planning your day how it relates to your energy and priorities.

Here's a story - 
In a conversation with someone about Leveraging Your Time she mentioned that many of the areas of her life have different issues that I mentioned. I asked her to explain to me what she means. I have permission to share the conversation here.

She said that she finds her focus while working early in the morning, but not the afternoon.

She cannot find her focus on her bills. She is constantly struggling with remembering to pay her bills on time.

She loses her ability to concentrate after so long working on anything, but sounds like she is contradicting herself all the time on this issue.

She finds herself feeling guilty for planning fun things she likes to do because she should be working.

She is aware of her health, but chooses not to make it a priority as it pertains to preventative measure... but will when it is reactive.

Her family is important, but they are often put off until she can get her work done and it is never done.

Any of this sound familiar to you?

These are common feelings we all feel at one time or another. Some of us can overcome it quickly and others struggle with it for a long time. That is until we break the self-limiting beliefs keeping us from leveraging our time... and this means, give yourself permission to... plan your day to reflect your energies and passions.

Her first statement was that she is more productive in the morning.

She recognized that her 'energies' are powerful and productive in the morning and therefore should focus her work during those times. Planning a 4 hour period of working in the morning when her energies and passions are higher is a smart plan of action. It is paying attention to her mind, body and energies and going with 'her natural' way of being to fully Leverage Your Time.

By looking at 'why' she struggles with paying her bills, we looked into her cash flow coming in... she is self-employed while her husband is full time employed and receives regular paychecks. She discussed why she struggles with paying and found that it relates to her fluctuating income and pay dates. She struggles with paying bills on time because she fears not being paid enough or on time.

We worked on what she can do regarding this 'why'... she came up with an idea that made her feel comfortable enough to try it. We will see how this works. If it does work, she can continue it... if it does not work, then she has permission to make a new option to try to make it work. That was important for her... to recognize she has the right to give herself permission to try multiple options to find what actually works for her.

When she was told that EVERYONE loses the ability to concentrate after a period of time... and to stop and RECHARGE is essential to increase productivity...

"Wait" she says... "how do you take time away from a task and be more productive?"

Awesome question. Here is the answer.

When your brain or body is tired and you give yourself time to recharge - even as little as 30 seconds, your brain has time to reboot and refocus on the task at hand. When you finish a task and take a break before starting a new task... you brain feels happy at completing the task... and ready to take a new task on... think about computers and the screens going blank after a set amount of time... and then you come back and it is ready to go again... yeah, it is like that... Recharge frequently throughout the day.

Why does she feel guilty planning something fun for herself?

Because she works from home and should be busy at least 8 hours like most corporate workers are.

Hmm, google sometime how much time is wasted in the workplace on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. You will see that you are more likely to spend more time working than those in the corporate world.

Then consider the following.

Your commute is a few steps rather than a minutes or hours one way...

You don't have to 'greet' and chat with all your coworkers before you can get busy working...

You don't have to hide your social media activity you are doing at work from coworkers... that saves a great deal of time each day! :)

You don't have to schedule your breaks to meet employer expectations... which means you don't have to think about how much you have to use the bathroom or if someone is tracking the time you take a break... or other things that take our concentration from our work... because if we need to get a drink... we do and no one says anything...

We don't have to waste time thinking about lunch and which coworker to eat with, where to go, and all the other things that take about 30 minutes before the 60 minute lunch break and then waste another 30 minutes after the lunch break to tell everyone where we went, what we had...

You get the picture... work at home folks... who actually work at home have less distractions from others... and can get more done in less time if they focus...

So, if you get up in the morning and work far more productively in 4 hours than you would if you sat there for 8 hours... then why can't you plan a fun activity during the time you are not able to pay attention as well as you would like when your energies wane.

And that would give you time to take a walk, go to the gym or other activities that would help you proactively care for your health.

Yeah, it really is that simple.

When you look at the why behind your struggles with leveraging your time...

You can live life assertively, pursue your passions, and do it without a bit of guilt. Not a single bit of guilt.

 What are the areas of your life that need the most focus to Leverage Your Time? 

What are the areas of your life that need the most focus to Leverage Your Time?