Building Business Boundaries

Boundaries... many think boundaries are difficult when you have to put them in place in the beginning... and they are difficult when you find you have to adjust them again and again... they are difficult because we often think of boundaries as a bad thing.

Boundaries are not a bad thing. Not overall. Not in every case. Boundaries are essential for proper growth. Boundaries are essential for safety - emotional, physical, mental... you get the picture... all parts of us need boundaries.

Boundaries are often more difficult to put in place because of your 'fear' or 'resistance' to change. And sometime that fear and resistance is not only yours but how others will react to your change.

In business, especially for self employed business owners, it is challenging to have the boundaries in place as you want to do what you have to do to make your business successful.

It is a problem many face... how on earth do you turn someone down when you need income coming in?

In a moment or two of desperation, you take on a client you know you should not take on... because you need the money.

Or you may bend over backwards a few times to make someone 'choose' you when the person is not interested in choosing you... they are interested in having you want them so much you will do anything for them.

Or... you can fill in the blanks...

It is almost a given that you will fail to put up boundaries, hold in place boundaries, or make exceptions to your boundaries just for this person or that person for this reason or that reason.

Here is the problem we often face in regards with boundaries. You don't realize when you have made exceptions in your boundaries until you realize the other person or persons have taken advantage of you.

Answer these questions for your personal and professional life even if it seems like it is more professional based. You will see how easy it is to blur lines in general. And that will clue you in on how blurred your boundary lines are overall.

1. Have I made the boundary between 'friend' and 'client' blur? 
2. Do I do more for others to get them to like me or want my business than I should? In other words, 'what is my motivation for doing for others?'
3. Do I believe I should be friends with all my clients or all my clients be my friends? 
4. How do I want my business to run for all clients and do I have different rules for friends and family? 
5. Can you say no to clients, friends, or family?

I am working with clients on how to set up boundaries in their business. While I am working on this issue with them, I am also working on reinforcing my boundaries as well. Physical boundaries like fences and landscaping often need some care to ensure they are still strong and secure.

If you are interested in finding out how to put boundaries in place... how to charge for your services in a manner that demonstrates you are a confident, professional entrepreneur without giving away your services for far less than you deserve to receive, how to qualify clients rather than jump into a bad situation because you need money, and speak assertively and without an apology for your prices and policies... I can help you.

I offer a virtual or if local(ish) on-site workshops on Empowered to Take Action. In this workshop we learn about assertiveness, leadership, delegation and saying no... all that are essential to set boundaries and earn money that you deserve from your clients...

When you participate in this workshop, you receive a workbook with practical and easy to implement tools, solution focused coaching, and instructions you can implement immediately into your personal and professional life.

Go ahead and find out the details, register for the workshop and get Ready and Set to Go setting those boundaries.

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