Time Management - Managing Your Tasks and Energies to Your Benefit

Time Management is a term that scares many people... some think it will make them be tied to their calendar... others think it will make them unable to be spontaneous... that is not the truth.

Time management at its very best is allowing yourself time to do what you need to do, want to do, and love to do... and here is the best part... according to your energy levels and desires.

Time management is about knowing what you will do and what you won't do... don't like cold calling - don't put it down as something you will do to build your business. Find something you do like to do and will do so that you actually do it. If you like meeting people and getting to know them... network face to face instead... a better solution that you will actually do and enjoy.

Time management goes even further than just deciding that you like to do something and choose what it is that you will do...

Take the networking face to face example... even if you go to a networking event and enjoyed meeting the people... if you go to the networking event and it doesn't really produce the results you need... strong connection (not necessarily sales) but strong connections that allow you to increase your sales force because others got to know you and tell others about you... then make the decision to stop going to that networking event and find a new one to try.

That is what time management is about in its very essence. To find what is working for you and what you need and adjusting your activities and tasks to meet your needs.

Time management requires you to be assertive, be a leader for yourself and your family if applicable, delegate tasks you don't want to do and keep putting off, and saying no if something just isn't working for you.

Tuesday night Julieta and I went to a networking event. It was one that didn't give off a 'good energy vibe' and if they didn't already know you, they didn't mingle. We were talking about heading out of there as it was a waste of time in our opinion… while discussing that, someone came up to us… feeling much the same way... and gave us some great information about Cake and Whiskey networking event happening at the same time. Julieta and I left the current event and went to the Cake and Whiskey event - the name came about because the networking events are for women who are both sweet (cake)  and spicy (whiskey). As soon as we walked to the door - before we even went in - Martha showed us the type of women and energy found within. We connected with others, the energy and intent to network was there and we proved why Leveraging Your Time works.

When you leverage your time through delegation because you are no longer want to do something or you cannot do something, you have to be able to give up the actual task. You cannot go back and take it over because you need to have control... that is not true delegation. It is difficult to give up control and if you look at the reasons for this difficulty you may be surprised by the reason… the need to control is very personal and there is no one size fits all solution. However, most of the time, when you continue to do something you do not want to do or like to do… you do it so you can complain about it… and you control it for the reasons you have that are personal to you… but to remain miserable is often easier than to make a change and release that control.

That is not effective leveraging your time and it certainly is not healthy for you at all. There are ways to overcome these issues and it all starts with looking at the why behind them.

Leveraging Your Time through appropriately managing your time means giving yourself permission to enjoy life, plan a life with a balance between what you need to do (work and home responsibilities) and what you want to do.

Reflecting on what time management means to you and adjusting to the reality of time management (deciding what, when, and why you are doing the tasks and activities) and adjusting them to your energies… is the key to Leveraging Your Time.

Dannie :)