Networking - Connections - Human Needs

Yesterday I attended two different networking groups. Tonight, I host a networking group. Each networking group is slightly different, but there is one thing in common. Each group is filled with people who seek connections. Whether the connection they seek is to learn, share, support, be supported, obtain clients, or build referral sources; it all starts with building connections.

I saw a person yesterday at the first one that we'd been trying to connect for a while. I saw her name tag and approached her to introduce myself. She was thrilled that I took that step. That I wanted to make that effort to connect in person after communicating electronically for as long as we had. Making the effort to connect meant so much to her. It really is a leap to approach when you may not have a real understanding of how they look in person compared to a tiny profile picture. :)

Connections matter in a world where we are spending more and more time on our devices. It's not to say that one cannot connect well or deeply through electronic means... it has its place and it has its value. But humans are meant for real connections, face to face interactions, and touch.

There is a reason that hand shakes, pats on the arms, and hugs are given freely. Human touch is craved as much as conversation.

Someone laughing with you, smiling at you, their face lighting up when you speak to them... clues to how much interactions matter. And those actions are contagious. Very much so...

A good networking event has an energy, a positive and contagious energy that builds you up and stays with you as you deepen the connections even more.

Dannie :)

 Who do you know that can fill these stool? Make those connections and fill those stools!

Who do you know that can fill these stool? Make those connections and fill those stools!