Leveraging Your Time Assessment

I am being honest right now when I tell you that Leveraging Your Time is a huge issue for most people - no matter what field you work or your position. Leveraging Your Time encompasses all the little things that happen throughout a typical work day, week, month, or  year that takes more of your time than it deserves. 

I know it is going to sound like I am some great expert on Leveraging Your Time... and well, I kinda am... (humble not unsure... lol). There are many skills and knowledge I picked up as a social worker on how to help others identify the areas they are strong in and how to build up the less strong areas (that is a bit awkward because no one wants to say weakness). But let's be honest... we cannot be strong in every area and we must acknowledge there are areas in which we are weak. Being weak in a particular area or areas is not an insurmountable task to master. In many cases, you do not have to master these areas. You only have to address the areas through a number of avenues. I must emphasize that you have a few choices here... 1. Master all 12 areas, 2. Ignore all 12 areas and keep on doing what you are doing and seeing the same results, 3. Identify your areas of strength and weaknesses and obtain additional tools for improvement in your areas of strength and support from others for your areas of weakness. Yes, it is a good thing to build up a team with people who support your areas of weakness while enhancing your strengths. 

The best news is... you don't have to do it all on your own. You can rely on your current team or invest in an off - site dedicated assistant if your team is in need of building. Once you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie you can obtain support in those areas. 

Why is obtaining support so very important? Because you need to address what you cannot do in a positive manner and moving forward with those areas while still doing what you do best... and whether that is selling your services, building client relationships, or leading your team it all comes down to making money in your business. And Ready Set Go can help you accomplish your goals. 

Take the Leveraging Your Time Assessment and find out where your strengths lie. There are 12 areas in which you must master to effectively Leverage Your Time. This assessment shows you where you are strong and where you need to work on to have more skills, motivation, and desire to complete these tasks.

Yes, those areas you are not the strongest in you lack a desire to do and that means you loose money when you don't call your leads you pay for... or when you can't find past clients in your database, when your email inbox is cluttered and out of control, when you sporadically post on social media, or fail to complete the paperwork or other tasks your clients need... 

Research shows that a person who has mastery over skills that Leverage Their Time are more successful, have more time to do what they WANT to do, and have greater satisfaction in their lives, personal and professional.