Another "Why" Behind Your Stuggles with Leveraging Your Time

June 19, 2017

Another 'why' behind your struggles in leveraging your time... my schedule is based on too many other people's and I have no time for myself.

Do you give yourself permission to make a schedule that actually works for you?

Often we have a schedule that is made for us... whether we work for ourselves or work for other people, our schedule is made for us... and we have no control of our schedule... or so we think.

When we were kids, our schedules were made for us... we had to get up to go to school at the time decided for us. Yet, we did have some opportunities for us as we grew older...what classes we would take, extracurricular activities, after school activities and so on...

When we graduated from high school, we had the opportunity to decide if we would continue on to college, take a year off, get a job...

When we decided to become parents... we had our schedules dictated to us... but at the same time... we had some control of our schedule. It may not be as flexible as we want it... but we did have some control of our schedule.

When my boys were babies... I worked on getting all of us on a schedule... I was seriously lucky... my oldest son was a perfect baby... he would go to sleep easily around 8 pm and sleep until 6 am. I got up at 6 am every day and well, he was perfect. His father worked 2nd shift and my little boy would eat breakfast and take a bit of a nap until dad was ready to get up. The schedule was working for us...

The key to that schedule working for us... I took into account all the needs of all the participants. I took the flexible parts and the non-flexible parts and worked them together.

We brought another little boy home to join our family... we had to do the same thing with him... He was also a very good baby... very happy and easy going... did I ever mention I am blessed....

When my oldest was in his mid to late 2nd year of life, he decided he didn't need to take naps. I tried to get him to take a nap because.... because it was said that children that age need naps. I tried to get him to nap for several months. I was worn out trying to get him to take a nap... and I needed naps after trying so hard to get him to take a nap.

I decided that I would end the battle of naps... my little guy would play quietly while his brother was sleeping... he would be happy to snuggle with me and read a book... or tell me stories... sometimes he would just play with his toys next to where I was, just to be there... but no naps. He would go to bed at 8pm every night... he would sleep until 6 or 7 am. No fussing going to bed at night. He wasn't grumpy during the day.

I gave him and myself permission to have no naps. His little brother would nap everyday in the afternoon... he would walk himself to where ever he wanted to nap... his nook in the playroom, his bed, the sofa... wherever...

When you work for yourself... you don't have normal business hours. You have hours between all the other tasks you need to do, with or for others... and then you may have to do things in the afternoon or weekends... you are living a very flexible life when you are your own business owner.

You have the right to design your schedule how you want your schedule to be... You have that flexibility.

But what if your preferred hours do not correspond with the 'norm'?

Who says it has to be within the norm?

We have to decide our schedule that works for us. And yes, if you are your own boss or work from home for someone else where you have some flexibility to set your own hours most of the time... yeah, it is a bit easier.

However, even if you have to work set hours for someone else, you do have control of your schedule. Maybe not when you work... but the rest of your time... you have the ability to plan your time to best suit your needs.

The first step is to realize that you have the ability to schedule your time after work as you want as it fits within all your roles. This means... you have the right to say yes or no to anything that comes up. You have the right to make the most of your time.

In my many travels to locations doing the wellness presentations I do... I asked all the locations in one series, what do you do after you get home from work? The largest number of the participants said, they go home and watch television.

I also asked them do you have enough time to get the things you need to get done at home after work?

Their answers were largely "no, they do not have enough time to get everything done".

I then asked them, "Do you think there is a connection between watching television when you get home and not enough time to get everything done?"

A conversation continued... I asked if they felt more rested after watching television or more tired? The answer was not surprising to me, but it was to them... "They felt better if they kept busy rather than stop and started watching television."

We have the ability to control our schedules to be more productive, more active, more fulfilling. We have to look at a number of components to this, fixed and flexible schedules, priorities, desires to accomplish certain tasks, and so on... or we can come home and decide that we 'deserve to sit for hours in front of the television and complain we don't have time to get stuff done.'

I know, that sounds so very harsh. But when people sit in front of the television and not realize that 4 or 5 hours passed in a blink of an eye and still complain they don't have time to do anything... well, that is a big 'why' behind the struggles you have with leveraging your time.

Being able to recognize your time wasters and making steps to change the time wasters into productive time...

And here is the thing... that productive time... it could be having time to go for a hike, spend time doing something with your spouse or children, reading a book, learning something new, writing a book, starting a new hobby, making time with friends... making new friends, networking, building your business, visiting family, traveling, trying new restaurants, community events, school events, volunteering... the list is endless... and so much better than just accomplishing nothing and not realizing why.

Are you Ready and Set to Go - Leveraging Your Time?