Fear of Success - A 'Why' Behind Struggles with Leveraging Your Time

June 18, 2017

What's your why behind your struggles with Leveraging Your Time?

Do you feel fear of failure? Or fear of success? Yes, that is as valid a reason as fear of failure. Some people believe deeply in their subconscious that they do not deserve success and will sabotage themselves with constant negative thoughts, words and actions. They will focus on why something won't work so that when it doesn't work they were right.

In those situations, they fail to realize they did not fail because of being right, but because they did all they could to make sure they would fail. They spent a great deal of effort and time making sure they failed. They didn't do what they needed to do to succeed. They purposely did as little as they could to make an appearance of trying, but those who experienced success in anything knows... you have to put forth energy and effort and then a bit more...

Those who are negativery in their core beliefs of their ability to be successful do not see their shortcomings in this area. They claim they are being realistic. They are not. They make excuses. They justify their lack of willingness to put forth real effort by finding ways it won't work.

Let's look at this example. You want to start your own business. You have a product people can use and see real results. Your have friends, family and coworkers but instead of asking them to help you... you tell yourself they won't want to help you, they don't have money for your product and/or they won't share with others what you are doing with people they know. You also tell yourself you don't know anyone else so you can't sell product to others...

Does any of that sound familiar?

A person thinking in that manner cuts down potential clients substantially because you assume facts you don't know for sure. You don't know their needs, desires, fnances, or willingness to help you. You also tell yourself that you don't know anyone else... but fail to realize a few facts that are obvious to others... you cut out your sphere of influence - family, friends, and coworkers... and then you fail to understand the concept of networking or getting out to meet others...

A person like this tends to drive people crazy due to their negative behavior, their doom and gloom words...

It's not just the constant negativity that's sad in these people... but the fact they don't see it even if pointed out to them. They feel at home in their negative behaviors because of their self limiting beliefs.

They have the same opportunities to succeed as everyone else. They just have to begin addressing their self limiting beliefs. Until they do so, success is unattainable. And in this case... success is not a better life because of money... it is satisfaction, contentment, peace, happiness, and a positive spirit.

Are you Ready and Set to Go in addressing your self limiting beliefs?