Saying No to Time Wasters, Attention Seekers, and Freebie Seekers

September 21, 2017

The joys of saying no... yep, there are many joys to saying no... saying no to activities, tasks, people, and just about anything that does not fit into your success plan is a good thing.

Saying no to potential client is one area that many people struggle with... you may be in one of these situations or in all of these situations...

1. You need the money. Seriously, who doesn't need the money... someone says they want your services and you will take them even if your gut and mind say NO!

2. You love to help everyone. You feel you can help anyone... and you want to prove it... even if your gut and mind say NO!

3. You are the king or queen of patience. You will be more than happy to walk them through the process and because of that... you spend a lot of time helping this person 'see the light' and hire you or purchase your products even if your gut and mind say NO - this lead will never become a client.

4. You are an eternal optimist and believe that you can do anything for anyone and you will win them over... even if they are asking you to do something you don't normally do or even like to do... your gut and mind say NO, but you truly believe if you do just one thing more... you will succeed with this lead being a client.

5. You said yes to a client you should have said no to and you are suffering for it... they ask for more than they paid for, take up more time than they deserve, work your last nerve... but because one or more of the previous four points applied to you... you are suffering... and suffering greatly.

Well, imagine this...

~You created a process in which clients applied to be your client. They had to answer the questions that are usually asked during the consultation process... if they finished the application, you knew they were serious... if they set up an appointment for a quick and timed call to confirm you understand their answers... and

~You created an assertive approach and told the lead/potential client that unless they are ready to pay for your services or products right now, you are not able to set aside a consultation time... and

~You asked the potential client to pay a retainer fee prior to the consultation to spend time creating the proposal that was applied to their balance... as a way to say "Are you serious enough to pay for my time and expertise?"

There are many reasons entrepreneurs dread free consultations and endless proposals... they do not create income. People are very savvy and manipulative... they will get your ideas for their business and then either do it themselves or find someone cheaper than you...

If you can weed out the 'freebie seekers' and the 'time wasters' and the 'attention seekers'... you can create a prosperous business.

You weed them out by allowing yourself to say no along the process, but more importantly, building opportunities for the freebie seeker, time waster, and attention seekers to say no for themselves and leave you with time and energy to work with those who are serious about engaging your services and products.

There is something very powerful in saying no to those who are not serious and leaving the level of seriousness potential clients may have up to them to decide.

If paying for your time during a consultation is something they refuse to do, will they be willing to pay for the price they owe for your services overall?

Why not save your time and energy for those who understand they need your products or services and focus on what you do best?

So go ahead... weed out the potential leads that are not potential leads... and focus on those who truly want to be your client.

Saying no in this manner brings all kinds of joys... and income to your business.

Dannie :)

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