Scheduling Yourself

June 14, 2017

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How do you decide how to schedule yourself?

There are so many ways to make a schedule up... some wing it, some use their phone, some use a scrap of paper, some use a calendar, some use a 'specialized' program that breaks much of it down into time blocks, some use rating systems... and you know what, I just mentioned a small handful of options... the list continues on longer than most to do lists.

This post isn't about which system to use. There are so many good ones, okay ones, confusing ones, too time consuming ones, and even some bad ones... we won't get into which systems to use...

What I am talking about is, how do you schedule yourself each day.

Do you spend your day reacting rather than planning?

Do you spend your day 10 minutes behind even when you get up 10 minutes earlier?

Do you struggle to make a schedule because you 'never know what to expect'?

Do you just wing it and hope it all goes well?

Do you jam your schedule so full because it is better to be busy than bored?

Those questions are important to ask yourself, more so than what scheduling program or app you use.

No matter which scheduling program or app you use, if you do not know how you schedule yourself, you cannot schedule yourself.

Pretty simple, yet, extremely difficult to accomplish.

If you know how you schedule yourself, you can plan your day on a blank sheet of paper and be successful.

If you do not know how to schedule yourself, then all the programs and apps are just wasting your time.

If you were to be honest with yourself and ask the question below, would you be surprised by your answer?

Here is the question... "Do I want to appear busy to others so they think I am more important than I am?"

Let's face it, in the social media crazy world we live in today... where people are posting what they are doing, when they are doing it, what they want to be doing, who they are doing it with... it is a subconscious dare to keep up with everyone else.

If you see someone posting pictures of their vacations, their road trips, their after work activities, their work activities, their.... whatever... you may feel inside of you that you need to post what you are doing... and then you look at yourself and see that for whatever reason, you do not have the same level of pictures of fun things you are doing... so you mention... "I have been swamped at work" or "will this week never end... work has been super busy for me"... or "I need to take a vacation once things die down a little"...

Then you may begin to list all the things you need to do... are doing... and have done... and you feel so very busy... I mean, work emergencies are soooo frequent... and so many things to do that you just can't get them all done in one day.... and you are exhausted... your work day never ends...

You feel better that you are so busy...

But let's ask ourselves... are we really SOOOO BUSY... or are we just really bad at scheduling ourselves? Or bad at saying no? Or just dying to have people like us because we are so busy?

Here are a few things to think about... in no particular order...

1. Those people who are posting pictures of fun things they have done... they scheduled time for themselves to do those fun things. 
2. Those people who are so busy with all their work emergencies... all those busy schedules... are seeking to be busy to fill a hole within them. They believe, likely in their subconscious - limiting beliefs... that being busy means something great to them and others. It doesn't. It means you are seeking to fill a hole within you. 
3. Being super busy means you are successful. Truly successful people - no matter their net worth... know that to take time to be in the present with themselves, their loved ones, and those who mean something to them is more important than the busyness of their schedules. 
4. Scheduling time for yourself is more important than filling up your schedule. Time to exercise, meditate, get a mani/pedi, massage, read a book, get coffee with a friend, have lunch or dinner with family or friends... just sitting there for an hour enjoying the beauty outside your window... these are the things that will refresh your mind, body and spirit. These moments of 'me time' will allow you to be more productive during your 'work' time. 
5. When you share how extremely busy you are... often instead of being impressed with you, they feel sorry for you. They wonder why you don't have a handle on your schedule.
6. When you tell a prospective client that you are so busy... and you are exhausted, look exhausted, a bit scattered, unable to control your schedule... you are telling a potential client... "I may be too busy for you". Isn't that the opposite of what you want to tell them. 
7. You are telling others that you cannot say no. You cannot schedule yourself to take care of business and personal tasks and as a result, you cannot say no. Again, this goes to people believing you are not as successful as you claim as you are unable to say no or schedule or delegate or hire others to assist you.

I know some of those points were honest and appear harsh... but it is true. There is a difference between being 'busy' and having a full schedule. Busy is a word that people use to make themselves feel better about being behind in what they do. Having a full schedule means, you have a schedule that is balanced, controlled, and while you have a full day of work or personal obligations, you are not busy for the sake of using busy.

I worked with realtors in the past and was able to learn a lot about how to coach realtors by researching real estate coaches and seeing the difference between successful and not so successful real estate agents/brokers/owners. One of the key points I learned... the most successful real estate agents do this one thing... schedule time for themselves DAILY.

Real estate agents are at the 'whim' of potential clients... or so they think. However, when they do not have the ability to control their own schedule, because they live by the moto, 'whatever and whenever a client wants'... they spend so much time being 'busy' rather than 'assisting their clients in buying and selling their homes'.

When a real estate agent sets down a schedule for themselves... and sticks with it... they are far more successful. And when they set aside time for themselves... a whole hour in the middle of the day to have a lunch by themselves, to meditate on what they want out of life, not talk about work, not do work things, but just think about what they want out of life, they are able to focus their schedule to bring that to happen.

There are many secrets to success real estate agent scheduling I can share with realtors... just ask me. I would love to help you... but those same secrets, work for others... seriously, they work for everyone.

The point is... being busy isn't necessarily good. Being able to schedule your day, your tasks, your free time... so you have free time is.

The choice is yours...

As long as you ask yourself.... "How do you decide to schedule yourself?"