Your Time - Your Focus

This week I have had a focus of getting together with people one-on-one, small groups, and large groups. I had a variety of events and opportunities this week and I enjoyed each one... but each one was different. And that is good. 

When scheduling your time, how do you decide what will be your focus? When I last attended Goalfriends, one of my goals was to have at least two networking events each week to attend. My week last week was filled with more than two networking events was I leveraging my time properly? Was my focus where it needed to be? 

The answer is yes. 

My goal was at least two networking events each week to attend. I attended a positivity slam. If you haven't attended one of those before... do. It is awesome. If you are local, send me a message and I will give you the information about the positivity slam I attended. Awesome time. Awesome group. Awesome facilitator. 

The positivity slam was not officially a networking event. However, there was some networking happening. So, my focus on networking events was expanded to other areas of interest... the positivity slam. It was a great use of my time as it was a dose of what I needed.

I attended a one-on-one with someone who can assist me in my speaking and coaching business. I also obtain her as a short term client. But more than that... I received an opportunity to learn more about her and her amazing life. She has done some great things and has a lot more ahead of her. It was a great use of my time as it was a part of my success plan of 2017... building connections that matter. 

I left that meeting and headed to a networking lunch that I host. It was a great time to meet new people and learn more about those I had met in another networking setting. We focused on intentional networking, where we had fun getting to know more about them than just their pitches. It was very much worth my time. It was like 8 one-on-one meeting at one time... 

Friday I attended a huge networking event. There were more than 184 people at this event... and I knew about 20 or so people there in various levels of 'knowing'... but I spent time talking to 7 new people. 

Wow, 7 people when I had more than 184 people available at a networking event... shouldn't my numbers be higher? 

No. I believe in intentional networking. Getting to know a smaller number of people better than collecting 184 cards and not remember a thing about them. I had an opportunity to get to know them specifically about more than just what you learn in their pitches... 

I then had another one-on-one with someone from the Goalfriends group... and I had so much fun talking to her, about her, and sharing about myself. I want to refer her to as many people as I can, because I want others to feel her energy, her calm, her passion... 

I will tell you a secret... I am an extrovert except for when I am an introvert. I enjoyed looking at the art in the Center for Crafts and I enjoyed watching the people... getting a feel of the event... then I liked talking to new people... in that order... I enjoyed feeling the energy and the excitement of the event without trying to speed network through the crowd. 

When networking, you do not need to have the  most contacts... you need to have the best developed contacts... 

And that is not just me saying it... 

I attended a workshop on marketing and you guessed it... it was a great time to network throughout and during the break and afterwards. It is great to be able to see someone I already knew, someone who is a facebook friend I didn't know in person, and meet several others... I walked away with four business cards (didn't take one from the person I already knew) and gave away four business cards (didn't give one to the person I already knew or her husband). More importantly than that... close to 20 people heard me talk about Ready Set Go and I learned  about those 20 other people... I talked with them... I carried on a real conversation with several of them... and that is what it is about. 

When you are planning your time... especially around networking... make it count. Don't go to the same old networking events that haven't gotten you any deeper connections, referrals, clients, just because you THINK you should. Find other groups and interests to meet people. Your time is valuable and if you do not get something in return for your efforts, move on to something that will. 

Now, I am not talking that you should get a client from every networking event or you move on to the next. I am saying... find your focus for those networking events and set a goal... your goal may be to meet somewhere between 3 and 7 new people and spend at least 5 minutes talking to them - key word is talking not selling... asking them to tell you about themselves and their business... and you sharing about yourself and not just your pitch and qualifying questions. Converse with them as if they are people you may want to be friends with... not just have as clients. 

Your focus should be to get to know people and not sell them immediately... let them build trust in you... even if you sell what they are desperately needing... build trust in them. FIRST. 

Your time and focus should be narrowed to what will best build your business... but not at the expense of the other person and by extension yourself. 

If you build a reputation that shows you really care about getting to know people rather than trying to sell to every breathing person around you... people will be eager to share with others who you are, what you do, and why they need you... 

And that is effectively Leveraging Your Time and Focus... 

Dannie :)