Save Time - 11 Small Changes - Words and Actions

Here is a list of things you can do to save time - make small changes by changing your words and actions. 

1. Stop saying you don't have enough time - you waste more time talking about how you do not have time. 

2. Instead of believing you do not have enough time, evaluate what you spend your time on by prioritizing what you need to do, want to do, love to do. 

3. Remember done is better than perfect. No one is perfect. Stop thinking you have to be perfect before you complete a task or email or whatever else you want to perfect.

4. If you cannot say 'YES!' with great enthusiasm... it means you really don't want to do it. SAY NO! 

5. Skip meetings or networking events that do not bring you joy, leads, or feel like a great use of your time. Seriously, save yourself the time, hassle and headache.

6. Work your emails at one sitting. Keep your responses to five sentences or less. If it needs more explanation - save time and call them. 

7. Be bold in your words and action - make sure you know what you need to do and need to say. Follow through with your bold words and actions. 

8. Don't be intimidated by those who don't matter. You waste too much time. If they are negative and you don't need them, cut them off. 

9. Say no to those who waste your time. There is no reason to entertain their whims if you know they are going to waste your time. Define for yourself what wasting your time means. 

10. Stop winging it. You waste more time winging it than you do taking time and setting a plan and following through with your plan. 

11. Stop trying to find shortcuts. You waste more time trying to figure out new apps, software, and other tools to find a shortcut when the truth is, you don't want to do the task yourself. 

Stopping on an odd number... why? Because I can. 

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 Get started Leveraging Your Time now!

Get started Leveraging Your Time now!


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