What Is Your Why?

What is your why? We may know your what, but what is your why?

When you tell your what, do they feel your why?

Do you know their why and what makes their why their why?

Yep, I know this sounds confusing... using whats and whys and not much else... but think about your why... why do you do what you do?

You picked a product or service to sell. Why did you pick it?

You chose a field of study... why?

You chose a career or even just a job... why?

The why behind your what - as in what you do - is far more important than what you do.

I have had a number of conversations with other people who share with me more about their why than their what... and I love it.

I can go to a website or listen to an elevator pitch and find out a what... I need to talk to a person to truly find out their why... and it is their why that makes me want their what.

Again, I know the confusion that lies in the whys and whats of this post... but ask yourself this very important question...

When you tell others what you do, do they hear or feel your why? Do they know the passion is not as much about getting you as a client but more the passion of why you sell that product or service?

Got a challenge for you... instead of telling someone what you do in your elevator pitch... try telling someone why you are passionate about your products or services.

Here is an example... telling someone about Leveraging Your Time is awesome... but telling why this is important to me is better... My why - I love to help others. This allows me to use all the knowledge, skills, and talents I have to help others find time to enjoy life without feeling frazzled... no matter what I have done as a career, this has been my why. It is truly who I am and what I love to do.

So, what is your why? And why aren't you sharing your why with others?

 Take a moment to figure out your why.

Take a moment to figure out your why.