2017 By The Numbers - Success Planning Results

Building Connections That Matter is my success plan for 2017. And I am calling 2017 a success! For the fun of it... I reviewed my year and here are the numbers... 

  • 49 paid speaking engagements 
  • 4 workshops I conducted 
  • 179 networking/training/workshops in total I attended and here is the break down
    • 26 workshops and training events I attended 
    • 22  networking events I hosted 
    • 2 photo walks 
    • 47 one-on-ones
    • 82 traditional networking events 
  • 1 Facebook group - nearly 200 members 
  • 1 Facebook page - nearly 100 likes
  • 1 Facebook page recommendation 
  • 164 NEW Facebook friends
  • 514 NEW LinkedIn Connections
  • 25 new testimonials 
  • 52 people I connected 
  • 7 influencers met 
  • 37 potential clients in the works 
  • 16 clients 
  • 12 friendships that developed

So what do these numbers mean to me? It means I have had a packed calendar. The paid speaking engagements - all 49 were done from mid-January to August 31st. That is an awful lot of speaking and believe me a lot - a lot of travel across North and South Carolina. 

I found out in October 2016, that the speaking engagements would not be happening on 2017 from September to December 2017 as the focus would be on something else. That meant of course, that I needed to figure out where my income was going to be happening for the last quarter of 2017. This is where my success plan came into play. I needed to plan ahead and figure out what I was going to do and how I was going to do it...

Building Connections That Matter. 

I was intentional in my planning of what I am going to do and how I was going to do it... I began searching for events, networking opportunities, and other avenues to find where my clients would come from this year. 

It is not without some trial and error... mistakes... and lessons learned... but you know what... that is not a bad thing. Here are a few things I found out... 

  • Not all networking is the same 
  • I am not really a fan of traditional networking
  • Saying no to a networking event that does not provide connections - referrals, or clients is a good thing
  • Saying no to networkers who are not aligned with your methods of networking is a good thing... save you time, energy, money, and annoyance
  • Saying no to swapping services is often necessary if the alignment is not there - a lot of of 'things' fall into the term alignment
  • One-on-Ones have a different definition for me than for many others... I thought it was a time to get to know the person, they thought it was a time to do a hard sell - and had no idea what I do and how they could really help me
  • I am more of an intentional networker than a traditional networker. 
  • You have to be objective in determining who is a connection that matters and not get swept up in the situation. Remember, many who network are into sales and selling

Whatever your success plan, you have to determine what will work and what won't work and make hard choices throughout the process to find success. Going forward, I know what I will continue to do and what I won't be doing more of because it didn't work. And for those lesson, I am so grateful for all I experienced throughout this year. 


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