Leveraging Your Time with Authenticity

When you think about Leveraging Your Time, how authentic are you in your definition of what it means or how it applies to you? 

Authenticity is something people are looking for in all areas of their lives - personal and professional. And there are a few people I have met and talked to who feel that the terms authenticity and authentic are over-used. 

I don't agree. 

I think there are people who use the words authentic and authenticity who are not in fact being authentic in their use.  

I recognized that those people who mentioned it to me being overused were in fact not authentic in how they presented themselves. I found the connection with those who claim authenticity is over used and failing to be authentic. 

This was not a judgement as much as an observation. No one has to be authentic if they do not want to be so, but it does matter to others. 

I asked if you have thought of leveraging your time authentically to you. How it applies to you... can you answer that question honestly and how it applies to you. 

I had a rough childhood and won't deny that it shaped me to who I am... it also allowed me to understand why certain things were important to me. Like someone who is honest and worthy of trust... with all their flaws and imperfections. It is not important to be perfect to Leverage Your Time, I certainly am not perfect in Leveraging My TIme... what I am is constantly trying, improving, learning, and appreciating the growth in me. 

I had someone ask me when they know they have perfected Leveraging Their Time... and to be honest, you cannot perfect it. Here is why. Life and business are constantly changing. and you cannot reach perfection in Leveraging Your Time if you have to continue to grow with the changes. 

When you are honest about what you are good at, not so good at and excel at, you can actually make a difference in how you Leverage Your Time. And this means being authentic with others when you meet them and interact with them. 

I am sure some of you are thinking 'oh no, I will be inundated with TMI or expected to share TMI"... nope, not what I m talking about... but to move towards real sentiments versus canned responses. People want to have a real moment with someone even if they are not sure of that at the time. When you make that connection with them... and authentic connection, they feel good all the way into their souls. 

Authentic people attract authentic people and create authentic moments. It is truly that simple. Seriously, it happens. When you are authentic and not TMI... you can attract others to feel the ability to trust you enough to be authentic. 

It also has the ability to demonstrate who has trouble being authentic - for whatever reason. And you can decide if this is someone you want to invest time in building a relationship. 

Again, this is not a judgement, but the way for you to learn how much time to invest in someone who doesn't want to be authentic with you. And I am talking about the professional relationship here. It is important if you are a coach or working closely with a client in a non-coach relationship. The need to know if the client is able to speak about what they want and how they want your products or services is necessary for a successful relationship. It cannot happen if they hold things back. 

Yes, this is a matter of authenticity and assertiveness and it revolves around Leveraging Your Time and your client's time and that is why this important. When you charge hourly, monthly, or packages your client wants to make sure they are getting their money's worth and you want to make sure you are not wasting time 'fixing' the issues because they did not clarify what they 'really' wanted. 

Being authentic helps build and sustain your business and assists you in remaining authentic to your business, clients, and self. 

Dannie :)