Leveraging Your Time by Showing Up

I hope you don't think I am talking just about attending all kinds of events... you know physically show up somewhere... 

I may be talking about that sorta... but more than that... I am talking about mentally and physically when networking, attending a workshop, a one-on-one, and wherever else it matters when representing yourself or your business. 

I am gonna tell you, that if you follow the Leveraging Your Time components... this is rather easy to do. Here are 12 ways you can Leverage Your Time by Showing Up. 

1. Plan what you are going to attend and how this will help your business (Success Planning)

2. Narrow your focus to what will work for your time, budget, and success plan (Finding Your Focus)

3. Determine if you have to let go of other important personal or professional tasks/commitments in order to attend and be present (Prioritizing Work and Life)

4. Speak up and ask questions. Take a risk and move out of the shadows. Life life assertively if you are going to attend these functions so you can 'show up' (Assertiveness)

5. Demonstrate your ability to lead yourself and others, by focusing on your leadership skills that are appropriate in these situations (Leadership)

6. Understand what you are giving up time and effort-wise when you commit and let others assist you as needed (Delegation)

7. If you cannot 'show up' and really take advantage of what the event offers... choose not to attend (Saying No)

8. Ask yourself if this will allow you to 'pamper' yourself - through education, laughter, taking a break in your day... (Time Management)

9. How much time as it comes to emails and social media will keeping track of these events take and can you afford this extra 'work'? (Email and Social Media Management)

10. Who can you meet that you don't know already? Who can you reconnect with that you haven't seen in a while? (Database Management)

11. Are you able to really embrace the time to get to know people on a level more than their elevator pitches to make the most of this time? (Lead/Relationship Development)

12. Do you have all the marketing tools you need... business cards, post cards, flyers, etc., ready to go? (Organization)

 Ask yourself these questions to see if you do have what it takes to 'show up' and truly Leverage Your Time.