Leveraging Your Time with Compassion

When I am at networking events and I tell people I assist clients in Leveraging Your Time... the looks I get or don't get from people are hilarious. I see some people look at me with a look of embarrassment or defiance. Others will avoid looking at me at all. When I attempt to engage them in conversation... and not about my business, but to get to know them... they will often avoid looking at me at all. I have joked with a number of them and told them to relax... I had a question about what they do. 

Several times I have seen the look of relief on their face... heard the relief in their voice when they told me that they are glad, because this is not something they are good at... Leveraging Their Time.  I have told them that I won't try to sell you my services... you either need it or your don't... you either are ready to Leverage Your Time or not... they visibly relax. 

Then they do the exact thing they feared I would do... do a hard sell on me. Yeah, I don't get it either... 

 I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people tear me or someone else down in order to 'build them up with their product or service'... this has been done both in obvious and subtle ways... the subtle ones are harder to deal with... because you are left wondering... what just happened. 

My website has been under attack by many people since I started networking face to face... I need this, I need that... I changed this and I changed that only to be told that what those other 'experts' stated I need was all wrong. And not once was I looking for website advice. I was just meeting them to get to know them. And let me tell you, I certainly got to know them... 

One person told me that my website hurt their eyes... what? My website is not that bad... yes, it needed an update or two especially after the 'experts' advice on what I needed to do... and yet, when I have visited their sites... I found things on their sites that made no sense, was too confusing, hurt my eyes... and well, I took it all as a grain of salt... and then thought... here is what I will do... I will revamp my website because it is time and I will do it with research on the best practices for building a website.. and I did... and you know what... I like my new website... and it is a good and concise website... and the only thing I tweaked afterwards was the home page banner image... my oldest son told me that it was too confusing... it had words and so did the navigation and it was competing... I saw what he said... and well... I happily tweaked it... and was happy with his critique because... get this... I asked him his advice. He didn't just dump all his thoughts on me about my website. 

When I first began thinking about revamping my website I attended a meetup group with a copywriter presenting. I found her information and the manner she presented it to be very practical, helpful and easy to understand... it was something I sought out and I looked for someone who is knowledgeable and doesn't tear you down to suggest some improvements or how their services could help them. She in my definition of compassion... presented her knowledge and expertise with compassion to those seeking her expertise. Keep reading to know what my definition of compassion is... 

Compassion is a strange concept in the world of networking and sales... many avoid compassion as they are interested in the sale... and I get sales... I have done sales, researched sales, done sales (yes, I said that twice on purpose) and I don't think I have ever employed the tear you down so you need me approach. I have instead focused on showing compassion to their struggles and offered some tips they could try... when they asked me. Some may say this is a passive approach to sales... but I disagree... it is a Leveraging Your Time approach to sales as I look to see if the person is indeed in need of my services/products and if they are ready to commit to Leveraging Their Time. I have made a great deal of sales with this approach and long term clients I might add. 

Now, here is the dictionary's definition of compassion - "a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering". If we take that definition to the purest sense as it is written... compassion doesn't seem to fit in the networking and sales exactly... in fact, we may see it as a 'bit too much' as it is defined... but bear with me... 

What if we looked at Leveraging Your Time with Compassion as compassion defined in this sense "a feeling of empathy for their struggles with [what your products and/or services provide], accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering". 

With this definition, we find that instead of telling complete strangers what they are doing all wrong... we focus on finding out more about them and through the speed of trust, authenticity, listening, and good old fashion communication... we find out what they are actually struggling with... and if it is not what you provide... then you wait until they are struggling with it to demonstrate compassion... and this will benefit both you and them.


You are not trying to sell and I mean do a hard sell on someone who doesn't recognize they need your products/services, doesn't need your services, doesn't want your products/services, doesn't care about your products/services and doesn't understand why you are trying to do a hard sell on them 15 seconds after you met. You are recognizing not everyone is your perfect client... that breathing doesn't make them an ideal client and that simply taking your card isn't a sign they want your products and services... you recognize there is a process of finding an ideal client who is not only ready to commit to your products/services... but also able to pay for your services. 

The other person is building a sense of who you are... what you do... and over a course of time if they are self-aware, they recognize that they in fact need assistance with what you provide, are willing to commit to not only the time involved but the cost... 

If you practice compassion as I 'redefined' it... you can make the most of your time by Leveraging Your Time with Compassion. You will see sales happen... you will see referrals build... you will see loyal clients/customers... because you Leveraged Your Time with Compassion and they recognized that you are in fact interested in them for more than a dollar or email address they will engage you long term.

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