Leveraging Your Time - Making Your Training Dollar Count

Training your employees, a tough topic to narrow your focus on... job specific tasks, company policies, sexual harassment (yeah, that is a big one)... or skill building tasks. Where do you place your focus? Is it on the software everyone needs to use and use properly? Is it how to do their jobs to meet corporate, state or federal compliance regulations? Do you only do the hand outs for company policies and hope they read them? Do you have a complete on-boarding program? 

After the necessary training, you know those mentioned above... do you do any skill building training with your employees? Any training that builds skill to enable them to Leverage Their Time... and yours as you are paying them to do their job and do it well? Training that will assist them in working smarter not harder? Training that will assist them in communicating effectively and improve their productivity? 

In 2017, the average cost of training per learner (employee) is $1,075... and for small businesses it is about $1,886... quite a bit higher than the average. Are you spending your training dollars effectively? Are you training someone as little as possible because you have trouble retaining employees? 

Dannie Frey, BSW (that's me) is a motivational speaker, a corporate trainer, a training development specialist (that means, not only do I train people, I create training programs), solution focused business coach (yes, as opposed to those business coaches that tell you in general to do something... I will look at your situation and develop solutions for you that will work for you) and provide hands on assistance to Leverage Your Time... and yeah, that is a big deal. I can share all kinds of great tips and tools, but if you cannot get past the overwhelm of the tips and tools thrust upon you, what good is it to have all that information?

What this means for you as a business owner or decision making manager or human resources manager is... we work together to build your employees skills in a program tailor made for you and your company. We determine what is present in your company (good and bad skills and techniques) and how to fit the needs of all employees and their learning styles. And you know what... that is a huge issue many training programs do not look at let alone address! 

I  create in person training programs that are hugely interactive... we truly do not learn as much if someone stands in front of the room reading off a power point. Yes, I use a power point... but we interact with the information on the power point... yep, all the training money per person is put to GOOD use as they stay awake during these training sessions. 

Someone not able to attend the live presentation... your company has access to the power point with a quick 10 to 20 question assessment in order to ensure they captured the key points. 

I create online training programs that are more in depth than the power point and assessment programs to ensure the training is deeper and utilized. 

I create in depth studies with workbooks, competencies and on topics outside of Leveraging Your Time. 

Here is a list of the components of Leveraging Your Time 

Determining Your Direction - Success Planning, Finding Your Focus, and Prioritizing Work and Life

Empowered to Take Action - Assertiveness, Leadership, Delegation, and Saying No

Tools to Implement - Time Management, Email Management, Database Management, Lead and Relationship Development, and Organization

Certificates / proof of training are available to all participants in person and online. 

It is time to TAKE ACTION and schedule a time to talk with Dannie Frey or email me at Dannie.ReadySetGo@gmail.com. You can visit the Take Action page on my website for additional information including pricing. 

Make training a benefit to your employees... Leverage Your Time now!