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Monthly Intensives - Leveraging Your Time - Signature Service 

The time is right to find your focus.

The time is right to find your focus.

Dig deeper into the reasons you struggle with Leveraging Your Time.

We break down Leveraging Your Time into 12 monthly lessons. You receive one - up to 2 hour call early in the week to discuss the homework and one - up to 2 hour call later in the week to follow up on your progress and answer any questions you have. During each of those calls, you have the ability to ask for assistance on an issue you are currently facing outside the weekly lesson. 

This program also offers a Facebook group to build confidence connecting with others. In person option is available if you live the local area.You direct the course and can stop with no obligation, no contract, no long term commitment. The Monthly Intensives - Leveraging Your Time is a monthly subscription $4997 per month.

For individuals serious about leveraging their time and understand the benefit of investing time and money in the process, apply for the Monthly Intensives program HERE, schedule a FREE consultation call - HERE. Grab a copy of Leveraging Your Time - Monthly Intensives Program - HERE

Dannie offers a 10% discount for all clients who pay a year of monthly intensives in one payment. 

Subscribe - Monthly payments of $4,997.00                                                        

All-In Accountability

This accountability program is a great follow up to ensure you are consistent in Leveraging Your Time. Through a weekly email task,  up to 1 hour training call and up to 1 hour accountability call, you can continue to improve your skills and live life assertively, have time freedom and pursue your passions. This is a monthly membership - $1497 per month, no long term commitment. 

Businesses or Organizational Workshops

Declutter your mind and find focus!

Declutter your mind and find focus!

Details about the workshops, both virtual and on-site as well as other on-site services check out this link - here.

This document lists all offerings and prices. A paypal invoice is sent after details are filled out and confirmed. Full payment is due upon confirmation. Until payment is made, nothing is confirmed.

The planning form you need to fill out to effectively leverage both of our time is here.



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