The services and products Dannie offers are listed below for individuals, small groups, businesses and organizations.


Leveraging Your Time Options 

Monthly INtensives

Dig deeper into the reasons you struggle with Leveraging Your Time.

We break down Leveraging Your Time into 12 monthly lessons. You receive one - up to 2 hour call early in the week to discuss the homework and one - up to 2 hour call later in the week to follow up on your progress and answer any questions you have. During each of those calls, you have the ability to ask for assistance on an issue you are currently facing outside the weekly lesson. You receive on hour of virtual assistance each week to assist you in implementing what you are learning to effectively Leverage Your Time. 

You direct the course and can stop with no obligation, no contract, no long term commitment. The Monthly Intensives - Leveraging Your Time is a monthly subscription $4997 per month.

For individuals serious about leveraging their time and understand the benefit of investing time and money in the process, apply for the Monthly Intensives program HERE, schedule a FREE consultation call - HERE. Grab a copy of Leveraging Your Time - Monthly Intensives Program - HERE

Dannie offers a 10% discount for all clients who pay a year of monthly intensives in one payment. If this option is for you, a special link will be sent to you. 

Subscribe - Monthly payments of $4,997.00        


All-In accountability

This accountability program is a great follow up to ensure you are consistent in Leveraging Your Time. Through a weekly email task,  up to 1 hour training call and up to 1 hour accountability call, you can continue to improve your skills and live life assertively, have time freedom and pursue your passions.

This is a monthly membership - $1497 per month, no long term commitment. 

Leverage your time. Your Way, Your time.

A monthly program to develop skills and implement tools to effectively Leverage Your Time. You are in control of when and how you implement these incredibly practical and useful tools. Each month you will receive a tool from one of the 12 components, instructions on why this tool is important, how to implement it in your personal and professional life. Each of the tools are reproducible to allow you to use it consistently throughout your life. 

The monthly subscription is $24.99 and renews automatically. 

workbooks and templates

Leveraging Your Time Get Started Workbook

Discover the 12 components of Leveraging Your Time in a easy to use workbook. This is a great start to Leveraging Your Time and learn how to work smarter not harder... and build consistency in your life and your business. Digital Version $14.99

Live Life Assertively - Assertiveness Workbook 

Become the assertive person you were meant to be with this assertiveness workbook. 

Identify your level of assertiveness, behaviors and words that empower you to live life assertively are a few of the benefits of this workbook. Assertiveness takes consistency in order to become a way of life. 

Workshops, Speaking Engagements, Facilitation, Training Development, System & Processes Audit and Virtual Assistance 


Leveraging Your Time – 3hours @ $250 individual price - CLICK HERE for business and organizations pricing.

The Leveraging Your Time Workshop is a quick taste to help you find the why behind your struggles with LYT. We will cover all 12 components through a power point and with a workbook. Most of the workbook is completed after the workshop. 

Both workshops are scheduled then an invoice is sent for payment via Paypal. Schedule a call with Dannie and we will schedule the day and time of the workshop and send the invoice - CLICK HERE.

Empowered To Take Action – 3 hours @ $250.00 individual price - CLICK HERE for business and organizations pricing.

 Ready Set Go Empowered To Take Action Workshop provides you with the tools - Assertiveness, Leadership, Delegation and Saying No. 
Once you understand these empowerment components and how to navigate them successfully, you can put in place boundaries in your personal and professional life. Additional services are available to delve deeper into the 12 components of Leveraging Your Time to continue the support and motivation to remain consistent.


Speaking engagements 

Dannie's Speaker One SheetCLICK HERE

Keynote – Dannie has an extensive resume of speaking topics, to see how her message can impact your audience, schedule a call today - HERE 

Breakout Sessions – Dannie has a wide range of topics and the creativity required to make handouts that engage your audience long after the session is over. Schedule a call to discuss the topics - HERE


Facilitation – executive retreats, strategic-planning meetings, and gatherings to address workplace change often require a skilled facilitator to craft a framework and guide discussions. 

Contact Dannie – HERE to schedule your event today. Facilitation services start at $5,000.


Training and Training Development 

Developing Training Materials and Programs – Dannie will develop fromscratch or from your existing training materials. You will have all the tools you need - power points, handbooks - one copy in print and digital.  

Training The Trainer  –  Not sure how to present the information your organization or employees need? Dannie can assist you you by training the trainer. 


Training – Whether it is on-boarding or continuing training - Dannie can presenting the training materials to your organization or employees.

The Complete Training Package – this includes developing the materials, training the trainer, and presenting the first training session.

Contact Dannie HERE to schedule a call to discuss pricing.

Systems and Processes Audit

Leveraging Your Time – Dannie spends up to 4 weeks auditing your systems and processes and up to 4 weeks to create Issues/Recommendations, streamlines your processes, updates your documents, and trains you and your organization on how to Leverage Your Time. 


On-site or Virtual – Travel expenses are included in the pricing for the on-site visits. Modern technology makes it easy to do the auditing virtual if all systems and processes are available virtually.  

Contact Dannie  – HERE to schedule your Systems and Processes Audit.

Virtual Assistance

General Virtual Assistance – $40 per hour 5 hours minimum.

Organizational Services – developing processes, systems, procedures and project management services $95 per hour - includes digital and hard copies of all processes, documents, and tools. 

Accountability Partner – for you and/or your employees. Held accountable according to the desired outcomes. Written reports of progress on a weekly, semi-weekly or monthly basis. $95 per hour per person.

Writing Services – blogs, website content, other smaller writing projects, editing, marketing, social media $40 per hour 5 hours minimum.

Ghostwriting – your materials and research $95 per hour- Dannie doing all the research $120 per hour.

Contact Dannie – HERE to schedule a call to discuss how Dannie can assist you in Leveraging Your Time. 

additional details

Leveraging Your Time Assessement – Download your copy of the Leveraging Your Time Assessment HERE free. 

Planning Your Workshop Form HERE Optional form with details about the process.


Additional Testimonials – Click HERE for additional testimonials and lists of topics written or speaking engagements.

What Is Leveraging Your Time – Click HERE to find out what Leveraging Your Time is.