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Leveraging Your Time Workshop

Wonderful! So much value, and I appreciate your open heart and playful presentation of this materials. Looking forward to supporting one another in our future ventures. 

- Asher Leigh

Great information! Can't wait to hear how you can help me specifically. 

- Carol Ann, Dry Apron Panties

Great training Dannie. Lots to absorb. I'd like to learn more. 

- Diane Doll

Covered lots of information - really glad to be getting the ppt! Will need to digest this... Love the format of the ppt - well done! Simple but bold. Good command of the room - pace, questions, etc. 

- Carla Parvin

Loved the humor, very personable, enjoyed hearing all the cute stories. The power point had great info. Love the energy presented!

- Maryann O'Hare

Great workshop Dannie, well done. 

- Ellen McNeill

A lot of great information. I look forward to learning more. 

- Donna McCartney

Hello Dannie, Thank you again for your Leveraging Your Time workshop. I appreciate what you had to say at both events in which we were able to talk. I have been contemplating the work that we did in your presentation, and i am realizing that I have yet to get in writing what I had planned. However, one thing I was going to do was to reach out to you to see if you have some availability to get together. I feel like I am all over the place and have very little control over much of my current life. I need some focus! 

Coy M, Asheville, NC


THANK YOU Dannie for an AMAZING time yesterday at your LYT workshop. I so appreciate your brilliance and mastery sharing so much valuable content in only two hours PLUS providing handouts and emailing all the rich resources for our benefit. 

And I also appreciated how you flowed with our group energy facilitating our engagement and participating with ease and grace. 

I drove away SO thankful I had made the drive from Weaverville. In Joy and Gratitude, 

Ann Marie S. Weaverville, NC

Thank you!! It was SOOOOOOOO insightful and helpful and, as with all things, perfectly timed. I look forward to chatting with you soon.

- Peggy S. Asheville NC

Thank you Ms. Dannie, for your rapid follow up. I guess there is no PROcrastination in the work that you do!  I really enjoyed the intimacy of the class and I found it to be very helpful. I appreciate hearing both your and Charlotte’s stories and perspective on things. My mind really started jumping with thoughts, and I’m motivated to use the awesome tools you provided for us.

- Brandy Mills, Owner T.B.M Smallcakes, Inc, Smallcakes: A Cupcakery & Creamery

Dannie's workshop on leveraging your time is excellent. The format and style of the sessions seemed to be designed just for me because they are obviously meant to guide the individual to find "their" best way to leverage time- not conform to some cookie cutter formula.

- Bettye D, Mills River, NC

Thanks for your presentation, I liked it a lot. Thanks Dannie, this looks awesome! (won a digital copy of my Get Started Leveraging Your Time workbook in the workshop.)

- Elie A, Asheville NC

I enjoyed your talk last night.  Some good take-aways.

- Peretz C. Asheville, NC

Love this... I learned how to figure out my boundaries with so much on my plate... it's an awesome feeling! - M. K. Johnson

I gave myself permission to take control of my life. I am living life assertively more each day. 

-T. Tallison, Hendersonville, NC

Dannie, you really helped me realize that I have more control over my scheduler than I believed. I was telling myself I had to schedule life like everyone else, but I needed to schedule my life for me! Thank you for giving me that freedom. 

-Crystal T.

Corporate Training 

Dannie, speaking in front of groups is your calling. You made us all feel like we were the only one here that you were speaking to... and you really know how to engage us all. 

- Penny, Huntersville, NC

Dannie, you are the best speaker we have ever had. We all love you. This is what you are made for, speaking to people through tough topics. 

- Lorrie, Hendersonville, NC

Diligent, integrous, thoughtful. Dannie has the ability to interact with a wide variety of groups and styles. I have no reservations about recommending her. 

- Ben Ochs, Owner, Palemeau & Associates, LLC


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Thanks for everything, Dannie! Your insights have been invaluable!  Onward! 

-Karen Killian, The Watermark Studio

Dannie is a wonderfully knowledgeable professional business coach, she is great to listen to what your passions are and goals and to help point you in the right direction for launching what is close to your heart in business. Her great way of listening attentively and reflecting back in a way as if your hearing for the first time is awesome. “Those ideas came from me?!” I thought to myself, during my talk with her! ... She is great listener of what comes from your own heart and she'll show you what’s already inside yourself. She does amazing coaching on time management and helping to form routines that support business goals and make life more manageable giving room for what really matters! Thank you so much! I would recommend her to my friends!

- Lauren Aiyana

I have been working with Dannie for 7 months now. I have been all over the place with my thoughts and what I want to do. Dannie has worked with me on building my confidence in my decisions. I realized that my lack of confidence in myself was making me freeze up when I had to speak and move forward with my plans. I learned that assertiveness and confidence were needed so very much in everything I do, and as a result I have learned new ways to support myself and build my confidence. I don't think I could have taken that step if it wasn't for Dannie a urging me to apply what I knew to be true in my work.

- Stacey Watts

Working with Dannie has made me realize how much more I am capable of doing! She is so on top of things. If you live in the Hendersonville Area please check [Leveraging Your Time] out! I work with the amazing lady once a week and love our time together. So very helpful and knowledgeable... 

- Hope V.

Dannie- Absolutely awesome!  I spoke to Boyd and he is excited about moving forward with you.  I will email Sharon and tie you in.  Boyd commented that he was very impressed with you and your material!

- Brian Griffin, Polk County NC Business Development Director

Dannie, your tools you developed for your social media coaching work well with my learning style. This is awesome. You know how to reach us old timers and still keep up with technology and social media. 

- Lauren Freestone, Focused Heart Healing

Dannie, I decluttered my mind every day for 30 days. It has become a habit I cannot stop doing and I am so glad. I am more focused on tasks to complete and not running around like a chicken with its head cut off. It is so simple and so amazing. 

- Debbie Scott, Winston-Salem, NC


Thank you very much Dannie. Your page is really useful to me as an entrepreneur who is struggling to find time to get things done in a chaotic environment that I live in the moment. Your page has a lot to offer me. At least now I have something useful to do while I browse facebook and that is to read stuff and tips on your page. Becomes sometimes I feel guilt of wasting time on Facebook. I'll continue to learn more and digest almost all materials you put on your page until they become second hand to me. Thanks. And these questions in your pdf are really tough. 

- Doni Brysoni Mbaga

Dannie, I want to tell you that I have been reading everything you are putting on there (Leveraging Your Time Group Page). I don't even know where to begin other than I needed this. (details of his experience removed for privacy purposes). Your encouragement is incredibly nourishing. I love your memes and posts. The last few have helped me to see the truth and allowed me to once again, believe. Thank you, friend, 

- Ken D.

Although I have only known Dannie for a relatively short period of time, I can confidently recommend her without the least bit of hesitation. She is dependable, honest, mature, and intelligent but above all, a joy to work with, proving herself to be easy to communicate to and showing initiative at all times.  Her attitude towards work is always enthusiastic, helpful, friendly, professional and self-motivated to the greatest extent. It's not often you come across writers that you are fully confident in but I have yet to doubt Dannie's capabilities and through each project she has only proven herself even further. Dannie has proved that she is capable of taking on all sorts of writing projects and has a great ability to analyze information, follow instructions accurately and respect deadlines to the greatest extent.  Dannie refuses to take on projects she knows she is not 100% capable of performing her best in and when she does take on a project, you know that it will be spot on and exactly what is expected of her. I am very pleased with Dannie's performance and character and I can see us working together for a long time to come.

- Paul Saunders Princeton Commercial Holdings Writershire.com

Dannie: These are really great. The Georgia O'Keefe quote is especially terrific, and I love the way that piece flows, ending with the Sidney Lanier quote. You've taken a fundamental business school topic - how to succinctly differentiate your product offering - and put it into lucid, real-life form. Nicely done. Email me an invoice for these two pieces. This weekend I'll have time to better assess our current body of content - and budget - and then let's touch base with each other early next week. Thanks for the great work.

- Brett Waters

Dannie has been there for me as I struggled to figure out what I need to do and when to do it. She comes up with a clear plan with complete instructions and reads it back to me in order to tell me what it is I want her to do. Then tells me the task is already done. I asked her how does she do that and her reply is simply to work back from the result to figure out how to complete the task. She walked me through the process until I could do it on my own. Then she showed me how to automate this process in everything I do. The next project I had for her to complete, I followed the steps she told me to do. It worked perfectly. I told Dannie she needs to be a business coach. She said she has begun to create the Leveraging Your Time series. If it helped me figure out what I want to do and how to do it with my multi million dollar real estate business, she can help you. She is a great project manager. 

- Susan Daulton, Daulton Real Estate

Dannie is prompt with her calls, puts you at ease quickly, never missed a deadline, willing to accept change of mind projects, and still likes me no matter how challenging the projects are. You cannot beat a project manager like that... Dannie is the best. 

- Shawn M