Photography provided by Dannie Frey

Since 1992, Dannie Frey has been working with others to effectively Leverage Their Time. With her experience as a social worker, corporate trainer, speaker, and working with for profits and non-profits, she has helped many learn about their struggles with Leveraging Their Time and how to implement practical tools no matter their situations.

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DANNIE'S Mission

To empower individuals and businesses to effectively Leverage Their Time through addressing self-limiting beliefs, finding their focus, learning how to say no and develop assertive behaviors to pursue their passions.

Dannie has a great sense of humor and tells the best stories. You immediately feel comfortable with her when she speaks. Even if she is speaking with a group, she makes you feel like she is speaking just to you. It is that personal feeling. I found her examples to be real world and easy to connect with when learning my ‘why’. What is my ‘why’? I am afraid of succeeding, failing and being less than perfect. So I spend my time doing nothing I need to do. I will ask myself each time I am struggling with leveraging my time what is my ‘why’ now. Great takeaway Dannie. Great speaking.
— Jill T, Huntersville, NC

What Dannie Provides you

  • Solution focused coaching - years of experience working as a social worker in the mental health field.
  • Practical, easy to use tools - multiple learning styles provided.
  • Focused on you and your situation - unique approach that fits your needs.
  • Hands on implementation - having the information does no good if you don't know how to implement it in your situation.
  • Adapts quickly to your situation and identifies what will work well within your business or organization.
  • Engages you and your employees through speaking engagements, on-site workshops and virtual assistance. 
  • Works well with people and processes - can find the solutions to the difficulties in your business or organization.
  • Current tools, processes, best practices, and solutions that you can apply to your business or organization.
  • Provides tools and coaching with all size budgets in mind.
  • Has awesome communication skills - and that includes effective and attentive listening to you!